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Could the COLOUR of What You Are Wearing Affect Your Date?

By Special Guest Author Sue Crutcher 

Note from April:  Sue Crutcher is a wonderful Life Coach in Ontario, Canada.  So relaxing, reviving, and rejuvenating as you work on YOUR life plan and implementing it with Sue's superb coaching expertise to prod you along with love.  If you live in the Ontario area, you definitely want to check her out.


Colour is everywhere.  It is vibrating energy.  It is visible (sometimes in scary ways!) to the majority of people. Although there are those who are ‘colour-blind’, they are apparently still influenced by the vibrational levels their retinas pick up from various colours and translate to their brain


There are literally hundreds, and possibly thousands, of books on the market referring to colour for various reasons: colours for healing, colours to make you look thin (I wish!), colours that flatter, colours that do not flatter, colours that make you angry, colours that make you happy, colour therapies at spas, light therapy for skin conditions and the list goes on ad infinitum.


I’ve written this brief article to focus on ‘how colour could possibly affect your date’ and, YES, it could!  (To make your life simpler, I’ve included a little ‘introductory’ table of colours and their ‘meanings’ with this article.)  When you go on your First Date and Date0 and are actively getting more dates, you definitely want to carefully select what you will wear to create the first impression you desire with your date.


Whatever colour YOU are wearing is affecting you!  Example: wearing black ‘makes you look thin’.  Yeah, right!  Face it – if you’re not thin, wearing black won’t help you achieve it!  No need to panic though – there are many ways to ‘disguise’ the parts of us we prefer others do not notice and, at the same time, many ways to ‘enhance’ the areas we prefer to be noticed.  But, that’s for another article, another day as well.


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So, let’s say you wear a ‘happy’ colour like yellow for your date.  You love yellow, it reminds you of sunny days, summer, freedom, feeling ‘alive’.  This is an excellent choice for you as it will automatically put you in a happy frame of mind as it ‘triggers’ memories or connections that make you feel positive.


On the flip side, let’s say you detest the colour purple.  It reminds you of a teacher in public school who wore a purple coat while supervising recess.  One day you fell and skinned your knee.  You went to the teacher for help.  The teacher brushed you off, was not sympathetic and sent you back to play while you were in pain.  Now, purple has a trigger for you.  (At least, in this case, you are aware of why you don’t care for the colour so you can work on dealing with that if you choose to.)


For you, wearing purple on a date would not be a wise thing to do – it will not put you in your best frame of mind and the date will not go as well as it might have if you wore yellow.


Yellow may not feel ‘happy’ to everyone.  And, it depends on the shade or tone of yellow as well.  A lemon yellow has a different effect than the ‘caution’ yellow you see on road signs.  Some tones or shades match different skin colourings better than others. 

COLOUR TIP: try holding different solid colour clothing articles in front of you just under your chin in natural lighting.  Some will look excellent and some will definitely make you look sickly.  Try the same experiment using fluorescent lighting and notice the difference in how the colours appear.


The colour you wear makes an instant impression on each person you come in contact with whether in person or through a medium such as television.  Have you ever noticed that newscasters and announcers tend to wear dark, subdued colours. Why is that?  Because it promotes a sense of trust and authority of that individual. 


Why are hospital rooms painted green or a shade of green (not so true anymore but common in the past)?  Because green is a relaxing, healing, balancing colour. 


Why do each of the holidays associated with colours use the ones they do? Christmas: green/red; Easter: purple/yellow; Halloween: orange/black.  I don’t actually know the answer to that one!  If you do, please let me know.


Susan Crutcher, RRPr, CPTN-CPT, CRP

Life Empowerment Mentor  Life Empowerment Mentor

Sue Crutcher, How Color Affects People, How Color Affects Your Dates, Life Coach


A simple list of colours (for reference purposes only):


COLOUR                      Interpretation

Red                            Energetic, Extroverted, Courage

Orange                      Thoughtful, Organized, Sensual

Yellow                        Friendly, Expressive, Social

Green                         Healing, Helpful, Forgiving

Blue                           Artistic, Spiritual, Creative

Indigo (dark blue)         Responsible, Self-Reliant, Professional

Purple (violet)              Intuitive, Regal, Religious





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