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Dr. Gina Loudon's SmartLifeTV


The Lonely Misfit: What Can Entrepreneurs and Mavericks Do to Get Married?


Dec 9, 2013: Smart Life, Is Lying Ever OK?


Featured on the inaugural episode of #SmartLife with #DrGina.
How to Handle the Tough Stuff During a Job Interview
Is It OK to Lie on Your Resume In a Tough Economy?
Don't panic! Know how to respond to HR's toughest questions
and land the job.

April's Workplace Influence expertise and wisdom is featured at about the 15 minutes mark of this full episode clip.

Alternately, view just April's segment on YT:





Dec 18,  2013: Smart Life / Smart Sex Episode


April's Marriage Relationship Coaching is featured at about the 5 minutes mark of this episode.


Be Smart About Sex

Relationship Coach April Braswell helps us stay smart about sex in marriage.


Jan 2, 2014 Smart Life, Who Wants an Overemotional Partner?




Jan 7, 2014 Smart Life, How to Get Unstuck, Fast!


Help! I'm Stuck in a Relationship!


Jan 15, 2014 Smart Life, Can You Increase Your IQ? Mind Hacking