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Landing Mr. Rich: Dating Tips From The Original Millionaire Match Maker

How to Date Rich Men Tips for Women Singles

How to Find Single Rich Men Advice for Single Women Seeking Relationship Minded Wealthy Mates

How to Attract Single Rich Men Who're Marriage Minded Mates: It Takes More Than Physical Beauty to Marry a Rich Husband

Matchmaking Advice to Date a Rich Man Who Relationship Minded: Age Old Wisdom for Dating Wealthy Men Who Are Marriage Minded 

Looking to Marry a Rich Husband or Rich Mate?  Take Some Dating Tips from the Bible's First Millionaire Match Maker

Tim Van Milligan,  By Special Guest author, Tim Van Milligan, successful businessman who also runs the website of applying wisdom from the Bible to get wealthy:  Making Money God's Way

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When you're single and you want to marry a rich husband, who are looking to for how to marry rich dating tips?  Are you a single guy or gal wanting to date a Millionaire? It is far different than landing Joe, the plumber. Millionaires, are vastly different people, and they are looking to find someone with unique qualities to share their wealth with.  Beautiful alone is not enough to sustain their marriage interest.

What are those unique qualities? Do you have them? And if you don't, can you learn them quickly? What does it take?

For the answers to these questions, I'm going to take you through the story of the original Millionare Match Maker, and what he was looking for in a spouse for his client. The story is several thousand years old, but it is still quite relevant in today's world. The story comes out of The Bible.

Now I know what you're thinking… so you can just dial down your defenses. Now most people think of The Bible as a book about spiritual mumbo jumbo, and they discard its advice as being out of touch with today's reality. But even if you ignored all the stuff relating to God, it contains a goldmine of realistic advice that you can put into practice right now and achieve amazing results. On my web site, Making Money God's Way, we talk about the practical money making tips.  But lets look at story of the Millionaire Match Maker and glean it for the advice it gives for landing Mr. Rich.

The story comes out of the first book in the bible: Genesis, specifically chapter 24. If you have a Bible, you can follow along with the verse numbers provided.
In this story, an old father is getting close to death, so he contracts with a matchmaker to find a spouse for his 40-year old son. The matchmaker is actually the general manager of the estate, and he takes that job very seriously. He is very nervous about taking on the additional job of matchmaker (verse 5), and asks what happens if he fails. The old dude says that if he follows his instructions, that nothing bad will happen to him (verse 8). I guess he could have been worried about being replaced in his real job of being the general manager of the estate and all the perks that go with it.

Anyway, the first and only instruction the matchmaker is given by the millionaire's father is don't look for a girl that lives in such-and-such neighborhood (verse 3).


Turn the page to find out what a millionaire's thinking is explained. >



That is interesting, isn't it? Millionaires know that where a person lives says a lot about their beliefs. You would agree with that, wouldn't you? A person living in a poor neighborhood is going to have much different attitudes and beliefs about money than a person in a more affluent area of town. Right?

The father is giving the matchmaker some great advice that will greatly speed up the process of finding a mate for his son. Don't just scour the bars for a pretty girl, go where the rich girls are hanging out.

With those instructions, the matchmaker sets out on his journey to find the client a mate. He sets off for the town where the girls that have similar beliefs to him live.

Now if you're not rich and you're looking to date the millionaire, don't worry. It isn't how much money you have, but your attitudes toward money that are important. You can investigate the story of Ruth in the bible, who was dirt-poor. She landed her own millionaire for a husband, because Ruth was smart enough to follow some good advice. Even if you're begger-poor, being in the right location is important. She lived in the slums, but during the day, she was told to hang out where the rich guy worked. She did, and landed the dude.

Anyway, back to our original story…

The matchmaker sets out, looking for a mate for the client. He is still a bit unsure if he is going to find someone worthy, so he seeks out a bit of divine intervention (v12). To be honest, I'd be a bit nervous too and would seek help anywhere I could find it. Because if you think about it, he was hiring his future boss. Why? Because if the son takes over the estate when the old man dies, the son will then be the employer; and his new wife will also be giving him instructions too (the First Lady is a very powerful woman).

The prayer is interesting. The matchmaker prays for the person that is paying his salary – the old dude. That is really unique, and says that the old dude has hired the right person. Think about this. Wouldn't you love to have a matchmaker like that working for your interests? That is why you came to April Braswell for advice, right? She is that kind of person, because she wants success for her clients.


To read the rest of the story, turn to the next page >




Back to our story…
The matchmaker, now in the right place where the rich girls hang out, begins to look for a girl that has a very specific character trait. He is looking for a girl with an attitude of a servant (v14).
When you are dealing with rich people, the top quality they look for is "service oriented." That is why they stay at 5-star hotels. It isn't just that the view out the room is great and the food is better, it is mainly for the personal service. By the way, being a servant is the "secret" path to wealth that the self-made rich people know all about. That is how they made their money. If you are interested in learning more about how the wealthy make their money, you can read about that on my web site:
Making Money God's Way

Being in a constant "I'm here to serve you" attitude is difficult. But think about this from the Millionaires point of view. If you're wealthy, do you want to be married to a gold-digger that only wants to blow-away the money that you've worked so hard to earn? Do you want to come home from work at night only to find out that your spouse had a very grueling day at the "spa?" As I'm typing this, the song "Everything She Wants" from Wham just came on the radio. Do you want to be married to THAT girl?

So the matchmaker begins his search at the first rest area he comes to. He spots a girl that is already working hard (v15). That is important, because latter on we find out that the girl comes from a wealthy family. She doesn't have to be doing work, because in fact, she has her own nurse (v59) and her own servants (v61). But she is working; which shows she is willing to carry her own weight in the family.

She is also very beautiful (v 16). While that is nice to have in a mate, the matchmaker knows that long-term harmony in a marriage has little to do with how pretty you are. You only need to look at the marriages of movie stars to know that being good-looking is no guarantee that the marriage is going to last.

"Is the girl stuck-up and unapproachable?" he may be asking himself. There's only one way to find out. Go talk to her. Ask her for a small favor.

The matchmaker approaches her. She doesn't turn and flee. That is a good first sign, he thinks to himself. That means she's not shy and afraid to talk to strangers.


What does the millionaire's matchmaker do next?  To find out, turn to the next page>>>



He asks her for a drink of water out of her own pitcher (that is a great opening line, isn't it?). Then she does something surprising. She calls him "My Lord" (v18).

The matchmaker now knows two additional things about this girl, besides that she is a worker. First, she is observant. She can see that he is from somewhere wealthy, after all, he is traveling with a large entourage of bodyguards (v32). Being able to discern the difference in people is called having wisdom. This girl had the wisdom to know that he was different. That is also a great quality to have in a mate.

How often have you been around someone and you can tell they are totally obsessed with themselves to the point that they don't notice anything else going on around them? Again, do you want to be around that person the rest of your life?

Second, when she calls him "My Lord," it shows that she is respectful. Again, it is another great trait to have in a mate. Because what is the opposite of respectful? Right. It is rebellious and argumentative. Again, do you want to be married to that kind of person? You have to think about these things when you are seeking out a mate. Rebellious people NEVER amount to anything over the long term. Stay away from them, and your life will be so much happier.

But the matchmaker still doesn't know yet if she has a servant's heart. That is the most important trait he is looking for. To review, he can see with his eyes that she is a worker; but at this point he doesn't know about her home life. After all, maybe she is a slave and is being forced to work.

As we also said, he can tell that she has wisdom enough to know that he is different from other visitors to the town; but that is somewhat obvious since he has a large entourage with him.

And she has given the visitor a drink of water. But that by itself isn't a cut-and-dried measure of servanthood. That is just being polite.

Finally, the girl proves to the matchmaker that she is a real prize. She offers, without being asked, to water the 10 camels that the stranger and his entourage rode into town on (v19).
First of all, a slave girl is not going to offer anything that is going to require extra work, so he knows that she isn't being forced to be there.

Now a camel can drink anywhere between 20 and 40 gallons of water at a time if they are thirsty. This one single girl offered to go back and forth to a spring and haul up between 200 to 400 gallons of water, one bucket at a time. This is a job that was going to take HOURS.

What does this mean to the millionaire's matchmaker? To discover the secrets of his mind, turn to the next page >




DING, DING, DING!!! We have a true servant.

In fact, the men on the camels see the girl run back to the spring to get water (v20). Running? Running to do hard work with no hint of a future payoff? That is just icing on the cake!

They are so stunned in fact, that they just sit there and watch (v21).

From this point on, they know that this is the perfect match for the client.

Finally we learn a lot more about the girl later in the story, such as she is also a hospitable person, offering the visitors a place to stay (v25). She must also be respected in her family as a person capable of making big decisions, because no one in the family balks at putting up strangers for the night. She is even asked for her opinion on an important family matters (v57). She is a perfect 10 on every measurement scale they can come up with.

That is a cool story, isn't it?

But what did you glean from this, that you can apply to your own dating situation and landing that millionaire mate? Here are some take-home ideas for you to consider:
1. Millionaires are different from poor people in how they think about wealth. They don't want to be taken advantage of and looked at as a sugar-daddy.
2. Millionaires are smarter. Their actions show how smart they are. They hire people to help them in areas where they are not skilled (such as getting a dating advice from smart people like April Braswell).
3. Millionaires know that money comes from being a servant for others. This is called being "fruitful," which is one of the traits of getting wealthy that we stress on my web site: Make Money God's Way.
4. Millionaires generally look for mates in places where there are other rich people.
5. The top characteristic that Millionaires look for in a mate is the attitude of servanthood.
6. Be approachable.
7. Be respectful, as it opens doors for you.
8. Being wise also helps.
9. Be hospitable.
10. Remember, someone is always watching your actions. You may feel grumpy, but it is your actions that tell others what is on the inside of your heart.
11. Millionaires are ALWAYS watching.
12. People are also watching your body language. What kind of signals are you giving off with your body. Are you running?

I hope you have come away from this article with a sense of how practical the advice is in the bible. Over at my web site: Make Money God's Way, we dig for this same kind of exploitable wisdom, the only difference, is that we look for ways to make money.

About the Author: Tim Van Milligan believes in simple, pragmatic strategies and tactics for getting the desires of ones heart. No mumbo jumbo. Just exploitable wisdom that can be put quickly into practice to yield outstanding results. His philosophy comes through loud and clear at his web site: Make Money God's Way,

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April is an amazing person...she has an incredible ability to connect with people and to make everyone she comes in contact with feel special.  

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April is a brilliant giver. She shares her time, information and exhubrance. Her articles are cheeky and great fun to read, even if you are not a boomer. If you are a baby boomer, she's just the resource you need to get back on your feet when it comes to romance. Whether you have lost a spouse to death or divorce, she can help you heal that wound.

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April Braswell, Relationship Coach Par Excellence! I had been stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere with a man who did not love me and who did not make me happy.... April gave me the confidence to HOPE that there was someone out there who would love me and accept me for who I was. She held my hand thoughout the whole the experience, or I would never gone online....I was too skittish about the whole deal. In fact, I told her, "April, I have already met all the single men in the Metro area in my age agroup. There's no one out there for me that I am interested in!  But April's warmth, encouragement, and compassion challenged me to venture online. I did and enjoyed a number of good results. I had some good dates. This was good. But still...I had not met THE one. Then she encouraged me to try another service...and within several weeks...I was dating new men.  It was GREAT.   What a difference.  THANK YOU......I love you!!! Sonya L. 














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