Dating Coaching Club

Dating coach for women @ 40+ years old and smart men over 30 who are looking to attract that special love relationship, both online and offline in the real world. Coach April offers 3 different options for you to work with her and get started on your road to romance.  Time to program your Love GPS coordinates and set your course for romance ahead.

Courtship Quest GPS on the Road 2 Love
Love Relationship Ahead

Internet Dating Coaching:

Once you have a great internet personals ads profile, there's more to dating success than just tossing up your online bio any day of the week at just any ole' singles site. You've probably already discovered this by now, that what photos are there as well as when you posted your profile matter.


Many singles ask me lots of questions in my live Singles Workshops here in the LA area and Las Vegas.

1.       How many dating sites should you have a profile at?
Should you post a profile at lots of sites in order to maximize possible responses?
Which dating sites should you start with?
Are their dating sites to hold off on when you first get started online?


2.       Navigating the Messaging Maze: Minefield or Matefield?
Should I just keep my messages short and to the point?
I messaged over 50 women, but none of them responded, what gives?
Should I send long messages or short messages to get more singles to respond to me?
None of the guys I winked at ever approached me, what gives?


3.       How many singles should I reach out to each week?
What's ideal?
What's not enough?
What's too much?


4.       How can I write a message that invites a response?
The dating sites invite me to write and save paragraphs about me for my opening messages and conversations. Like dating resume cover letters, I tried that. Why didn't that work? What should I do instead?


Offline Lifestyle:

What can I do each week to meet more singles my age?
I work in a Business Park all week long. I spend weekday evenings in commuter traffic. How can I meet more singles around my age when I'm such a busy professional?

I tried a Speed Dating event, but there weren't enough men there?

Where can I find quality single women?
I went to a lot of singles events, and most of the women wanted to know how much I earned as soon as they met me. Where can I find classy, college educated women over 30 years old?


 What are my options?

 Dating Coaching Service Options

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Dating Coaching OPTION #1:

VIP Executive Singles Option: Limited Membership, Only 25 Members Accepted each quarter.

To be accepted for VIP membership, you must have been a member of the Coaching Club for 1 quarter already or be a prior Custom Profile client.  Then we already know if our styles mesh well together and whether you are coachable or not. 

romantic marriage proposal on outdoor picnic
Romance Ahead

When your commitment to finding love in the next 12+ months is at a high point, you're highly motivated to implement, and you're a super busy executive professional, likely with graduate degrees and some initials after your last name.  You don't have time to waste on endless dates with just any singles out there.

dating coach help needed
Help Needed

Your career might have you out on the road each month to different parts of the country.  You're busy, but you're also highly committed to finding love. You're smart and successful, and your week is just busier than the average single out there.  You don't have the time to go out every night to loads of casual social locations.  Plus, you're not looking for the typical relationship. 

professional romantic couple in love lifestyle
Business Travel

You're an implementor, and you make things work.  Not just any life partner will mesh well with you.  You're an executive or perhaps you're an entrepreneur.  You're an amazing life partner, and want the same in your mate.  Not just any life partner will bond truly with your spirit, soul, and essence.  And that's what you're looking for, isn't it? A true life partner for your unique life path and purpose.  Nothing else will do. 


With your VIP membership access, you'll receive a regularly scheduled weekly one-on-one 60 minutes coaching session with April. Your sessions will be recorded and made available for you to relisten to at your leisure in your office or home.

4 Monthly Custom 60 Minutes Coaching Sessions: $900 value

3 months of Customized coaching with April to review your weekly internet dating messaging. Review of messages with guidance and feedback for how to message better.

We'll go over your calendar each week, ensuring you locate and schedule weekly activities positioning you to meet great quality singles each week.

Pre-date guided visualizations to ensure it's a great First Date.

First Date outlines.

Post-date reviews by email.

Guided visualization spiritual invitation for love. Audio file available for listening to at home for reinforcement.

Date progression activity options. Because nothing's worse than boring date ideas and getting into a date idea rut. It suffocates the romance and doses any romantic sparks and flames that were starting up between you two. Each month you'll receive an additional report of fresh date ideas to keep the courtship progressing and romance flourishing while you interweave your life with dates and a possible life mate.



Dating Coaching OPTION #2:

Group Singles Coaching Option:

4 Monthly Group 60 Minutes Coaching Sessions: $475 value
Email Coaching Access to Coach April During Your Membership: $175 Value
Monthly Ebooks and Playbooks:  $125 Value

All this included in your Coaching Club Membership and Participation starts with our 3 month club membership @ $525. 
Monthly payments are an option with your credit card. 

As a Coaching Club Member once your membership application is accepted, you'll receive exclusive access to the Tuesday afternoon/evening weekly 60 minutes session group coaching call with April. The sessions will be recorded and made available for you as a Coaching Club Member for listening to at your leisure in your office or home. You are welcome to put them into your favorite MP3 player and take them with you to the gym or car. Listen to them according to your busy schedule.

If your work schedule is too busy to fit in a weekly one-on-one custom executive coaching call, the Coaching Club Membership is a taylored to fit your work and business travel schedule perfectly.  Listen and access when it's convenient for you, pose your questions via email as needed.  Learn from the experience of others at the same to discover what works now in the dating world during the Age of Facebook.

single women coaching club sharing support
Sharing Support

You're a busy, successful single professional. Some weeks you might be out of town on business travel or finally taking that richly deserved vacation. Can't be on the call this week? That's ok.  No problem. We've got you covered.

single smart successful professional woman reading internet dating profiles online
Smart Busy Professional Woman

You don't even have to be on the call each week to get your value's worth. Those sessions where you can't make it that week, email in your questions in advance of the call, and Coach April will include them and her coaching guidance to them in the call. The group calls are each recorded and are available at the club membership closed section of the website within about 48 hours after the call, so you can then listen to your coaching at your convenience. How easy is that?

Single women after 40 during the coaching call with me for their dating profile often confess to me, "April, I don't even know HOW to flirt.  What can I do?"  Coaching Club Membership helps you to learn how to flirt comfortably in the privacy of your own home, and then taking it out into the playground of life to practice flirting each week entirely at your own pace.

There is weekly Playwork, this is fun homework, to do at your own pace, and report back on each week during the coaching call. As you progress, you'll have new questions. Each week and each progressive month has different activities for you to do. Picnics are great in the summertime, but they'd be a little strange to suggest you try out when there's a blizzard in January, right? So, you'll have different things to put in your calendar each week and month as your social life gets better and you're going on more dates.

written dating coaching for women weekly homework
Fun Written Coaching Homework

As you're going on more dates and meeting and dating so many more singles, you'll start seguing to that phase of relationship development April defines as courtship. It's when the two of you know you want to be a committed, monogamous couple, and you're looking at spending your lives together with each other. It's too soon for you two to get engaged. But it is time to move into seriously considering each other for marriage.

Happy Engaged Couple Smiling
Loving Couple

During each relationship phase, Coach April is your trusted mountaineering guide alongside you and available to help you nativage through it, avoiding the landmines that derail romantic relationships, and grow your relationship all the way to engagement and the altar.  When you ask her, will she cherish your special proposal as well as say, "Yes!"  Will you be a "Say Yes to the Dress" bride, or is "I Found the Gown!" more to your bridal mode?

Coaching Club membership is open both to men and women. The "He Said/She Said" perspective fosters greater humor and learning on your unique pathway to lasting love. 

Once your payment is processed and application is accepted, we will email you the group Coaching Club Membership access information.  If you have already been a Profile Crafting client, then Coach April has already vetted you and your application process can be quickly expedited.  The quality mutually supportiveness, and caring of the membership group interaction matters so much that each member must be vetted. Naturally, if your club membership is not accepted, you will receive a prompt and courteous full refund.

Purchase Options: 1x Payment of $525
Coach April, I want into your Coaching Club, I know how much this will help me...


Monthly Payment, 3 Payments of $179
Coach April, I want into the Club, I know this will help me...




Dating Coaching OPTION #3:

Dating Profile Review and Writing Service - Complete with 1 sixty minutes coaching session.

Dating Profile Guide and Playbook:  A $97 Value
Custom Internet Matchmaking Profile: A $500 Value
60 Minutes Coaching Call: A $225 value

You get all of this for only $395.

Because you already know just tossing a profile up haphazardly doesn't garner the kind of responses you're seeking online, is it? So many dating sites offer just a profile writing service and then you're stuck blind on your own with no better idea about how to do online better than when you started.

single woman and man flirting computer dating
Flirting Singles

You can sample the dating coaching experience with April and get a great dating profile at the same time. You'll still want to tweak it to really reflect your own unique voice and change things up in your profile over time as well as implement all her advice to get to the first date.

During your coaching call, April will provide you with several ways you can do that which captivate singles interest without your running the risk of appearing like too much of a jokester or creep online.  Get more responses and get to the first date and beyond.  Learn how to do internet dating better.