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The Yes Factor: Delivers Engaging Self Mastery in Your Body Language and Persuasion Skills

Tonya Reiman’s The Yes Factor: Delivers Engaging Self Mastery in Your Body Language and Persuasion Skills

A number of authors and less experienced Body Language speakers will attempt just to teach you about how to read someone else’s body language. And while that is an excellent interpersonal and business persuasion skill to learn and develop, learning the influence effect of your own body language, and mastering that is an even more important and vital skill for sales and relationship success.

Tonya Reiman delivers both!

Many of us have heard of and seen Tonya on “The O’Reilly Factor” plus a number of other national periodicals like The NYT, WSJ, and the popular USA TODAY. So you know she will massively deliver her expertise, provide and educate us about reading body language as the top woman expert in the US, if not internationally.

But what I’ve also come to expect from Tonya, and I was not disappointed in her excellent content deliver in “The Yes Factor” is both an engaging and intelligent deliver as well! She combines examples and illustrations and literally tons of B&W photograph examples from both politicians as well as celebrities. Without becoming People magazine, we can all have our guilty pleasure in reading about celebrity gossip and body language leaking out the truth of what they are really saying and communicating. While Tonya is always an intelligent and polished expert, we can still enjoy just a little bit of entertaining juiciness as we learn!

Since there is no “Take a Look Inside” section at Amazon for “The Yes Factor”, without revealing any of Tonya’s Intellectual Property, here is the Table of Contents for you so you can best select adding The Yes Factor to your shopping cart and purchasing her excellent book today:

Tonya combines scientific research about the brain, and establishes the groundwork with that first before venturing into such super practical applications of influence, persuasion, and body language as the importance of FRAMING in chapter 5. I think framing is so important and influential and it is a concept which many people do not grasp and fully appreciate the first time they hear of it.

Tonya explains framing very simply and gives plenty of examples for how to use it in our personal family lives as well as in business settings. She even includes some examples from her early expert career where she fumbled the ball with her setting and keeping the frame. Her expertise is so invaluable because she does not just leave us there with an example of “What NOT to Do” but rather she demonstrates what she should have done, which we can learn from and emulate in our own spheres of expertise.

And that is what she means by Being the Alpha. We are all experts at something. And when we are clear about our own expertise, we can give quarter and homage to another’s expertise. One of the examples she provides is of two alphas in the workplace. In a situation that could have readily disintegrated into office politics and demonstrating corporate fiefdoms, she provides examples of persuasion where you don’t “lose face” or authority and are able to give that to another in their area of expertise. In a down economy, this is becoming more and more of an issue within corporations where everyone is afraid for their job and is striving to display prowess. Tonya instead provides corporate workers with ways to foster teamwork and mutual respect in the workplace. Now that is a persuasion YES factor if I ever heard of one!

Introduction: One-Tenth of a Second; the First Step to Yes
ONE: Body Language Basics
Of course, because this is not the textbook to a graduate level nonverbal communications course, Tonya first must establish some groundwork for her readers.
TWO: Your Three-Pound Enigma: How Your Brain Rules Your Life
THREE: The Critical Factor: Bypassing the No Barrier
FOUR: “So Tell Me About Yourself.” The Hidden Meaning and How to Address It

FIVE: The Right Frame Is Worth a Thousand Words
SIX: Getting into Someone Else’s World
SEVEN: Priming: Plan Positive Verbal Seeds
EIGHT: Mirror, Mirro
NINE: Anchor the Moment

TEN: Body Language Essentials
ELEVEN: The Anatomy of Gestures: Body
TWELVE: The Anatomy of Gestures: Head and Face
THIRTEEN: Adventures in Inner Space
FOURTEEN: Take a Seat: Establishing Your Authority
FIFTEEN: The Power of Your Voice
SIXTEEN: The Scent of Success

SEVENTEEN: The Basis of Bonding
EIGHTEEN: Image: Putting On Your Professional Costume and Making It Fit
NINETEEN: Icebreakers Storytelling: Planned, Not Canned
TWENTY: Gender Differences in Communication
TWENTY-ONE: Psychological Secrets That Sway
TWENTY-TWO: Magnetism: What It Is and How to Get It

I was personally particularly grateful for this section. So often authors will give some great information, teach it to us, and give examples. But I’m lost as to how to apply this then in my own personal and professional life. You may have heard that doing something new for 21 days makes it a habit? Well, by giving us a 21 Day Application Plan, Tonya empowers us very specifically to become mini body language self mastery experts ourselves, implementers, not just readers! She covers how you’re dressing, what you’re doing, practicing certain gestures to make yourself able to deliver them rapidly when a situation becomes dire and your default might have reduced your credibility and authority. Talk about empowerment for both men and women in business and politics!
Not cited in the the TOC, but one of the contributing factors to The YES Factor being a truly authoritative body language and persuasion book is there is an excellent REFERENCES section, a bibliography! This means we subject matter fans have more wonderful resources we can read, and they are recommended by Tonya!

Additionally, at the end of each chapter, Tonya features a toolkit application in her “Ask Tonya” chapter closer. Here she fields questions from her many fans both from their personal as well as professional lives which are reflective of the content of that chapter.

I don’t know about you, but having those real life application examples really helps me both to more fully learn and grasp the information explained in the book but also then to go use and implement it practically in my life. Thank you Tonya for making this book both so intelligent and interesting plus entertaining and useful to our lives and careers!

If you’re looking to increase sales this year, keep your job, improve your relationships, or even be the job applicant they choose to hire over all the many others, then purchase Tonya Reiman’s The YES Factor, read it and give yourself the edge.

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