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Date Coaching Advice for Women After 40 and 50+: Where to Find New Friends

Date Coaching Advice for Women After 40 and 50: Where to Find New Friends

Where can singles in their forties and fifties plus go for making new friends?

Where folks over forty and fifty plus can go for forming midlife friendships

One of the additional challenges for the woman after forty and fifty is simply finding new women and some men of interest with whom to make new friendships.  The very same problem singles over 40 and 50 encounter romantically are the same challenging obstacles to making new friends.

Making New Friendship Helps You Meet Single Mature Men Casually
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Your life is fairly set.  Your work life might actually be shrinking as you segue to part-time work, freelancing, consulting, and quasi-retirement.  You may have been downsized professionally.  So you are no longer meeting tons and tons of new people each week via your job.  You’re lucky if you have a fulltime job after 45 and 50+.

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Female Friendship Finds

So, with all of that said, where can you meet new women and men in their forties and fifties in a sufficiently casual context that you could make some of them your new friends?  Mind you, you’ll need not just a one-time chance social encounter.  For making new friends, you’ll require repeated shared social experiences to create a bond for fledgling friends.

  1. Social Groups
  2. Activity Associations
  3. Dance Groups
  4. Faith Based Groups
  5. Topical Study Group
  6. Activities Based Social Networking sites like Yahoo Groups, Meetup.com and Facebook Groups
  7. Adult Continuing Education and Enrichment Workshops
  8. Adult Classes with multiple sessions
  9. Junior League
  10. Service Clubs
  11. Garden Clubs, gardening groups
  12. Volunteering
  13. Politics/Causes, the more local the better
  14. ESL
  15. Crafting/Knitting/Crocheting/Tatting Groups:  all things needlework

I will aim to profile a handful of these various options in the next few posts and articles so you can get a fuller idea of some options.  I’ll be focusing on groups and communities in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding areas.  Please use these examples as some inspiration for you to investigate the options for you in your local area.

Once you meet other women around your age, and do keep in mind making female friends of a variety of ages is a good thing for feeding your social circle’s diversity.  The men you all meet together might not be a good age fit for a new girlfriend who’s divorced at 38 years old, but he might be perfect for you in your later 40s or early 50s. Stretch your circle and have fun.  The support of female friendship over the years is immeasurable.

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