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Top Ten Shy Guy Dating Tips on Where to Meet Beautiful Girls

Top Ten Shy Guy Dating Tips on Where to Meet Beautiful Girls

“Don’t be a guy.  The world is full of guys.  Be a man.” Corey Flood to Lloyd Dobler in “Say Anything.”

Shy Guy Dating Tips Meet Beautiful Girls

Shy Guy Dating Tips Meet Beautiful Girls

I often receive questions from the single guys who are a bit on the shy side about both how to talk to beautiful girls but more important, where on earth to meet beautiful women.  While I have more than 20 to suggest in my forthcoming Ebook, and we do all need a variety of source to meet singles and to vary them so we meet a variety of singles.  Here is my list of top ten shy guy dating tips for where to meet beautiful girls.

What sort of venue is effective?

Environments which force you to mingle casually in short time bursts with a variety of women.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #1.   Bars and Clubs

Some dating experts don’t recommend Bars to shy guys to meet women.  Sure, lots of single beautiful girls are there.  But you face the high pressure dynamics of a meat market both in terms of the aggressive competition of other single men as well as the protective defenses of a woman’s girlfriends.  Still, it is a great location and venue.  Lots of single women do frequent the club scene so you do want to leverage the location of so many beautiful women thronging there on their own.  However, avoid the club bar and dance club scene on Friday and Saturday night.  Instead, I suggest you attend one on a non major night, a weekday night after work or a Sunday night.  You will find smaller groups of women and it is like highly charged as Date night.  The ambiance is usually more low key, making casual, fun and friendly interaction more fun.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #2.   Dance classes:  West Coast Swing, Salsa, Country Western

The difference with dance classes versus just going to a club is that in a class, the venue has already set thing up for you to socialize, rotate dance partners, and mingle in a low-key manner.  The high ballroom dance classes can be a lot of fun, but a higher preponderance of the people attending are more serious about the dance and focusing on becoming very good at it more than they are on having fun and casually and comfortably meeting people while learning the dance.  Salsa, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Country Western dance styles are often more social, casual, and fun in the crowd they draw.  You might need to try a few different class venues before you find one which fits your style and needs.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #3.   Adult Education/Community Education Programs

Adult education and community education programs offer you the unique opportunity to meet a variety of people over a common topic which provides you with a safe and easy conversation point.  Some of the other attendees will also be single.  Some will be married.  However, attending, meeting, and mingling will extend your social circle.  Now since you a single guy, aim for classes which more women will be attending.  Look for ones which you think would most appeal to girls attending.  Decorative cooking class.  The Culinary Art of Thai Food Flowers.  Body Language Mastery.  Communication Skills.  Public Speaking.  The benefit of the Adult Education programs is the class is typically long enough that you will have an opportunity to mingle and socialize.  However, it is not as long as full-fledged for credit class which will often require a 13 week commitment of your time.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #4.   Bible Study

If you are remotely religious, whatever you faith and denomination, I will tell you the majority of the people who attend Bible study are women.  Find the 20 Somethings Bible Study group and you will immediately be casually interacting with a number of attractive girls around your own age.  Age targeted groups are most likely to fit your needs best than a Bible Study aimed at as specific theme which will draw a more age varied group.  While you might find it spiritually fulfilling, you will not be meeting as many girls in your target social group.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #5.   Hypnosis, Tarot, Palm Reading, Feng Shui, Horoscope, and other Metaphysical Workshops

Yes, it’s true.  More women and girls enjoy and will invest their time and money in pursuing and attending the workshops which teach the metaphysical spiritualist arts.  Keep an open mind.  Attend a few.  And become adept at conversing about such items.  Girls will find you interesting.  And long term, all women want to pair with a man whom they find interesting.  The worst in a marriage relationship long term?  To be bored?  People divorce when they feel stymied and stuck in a rut in their marriage.  By broadening yourself and your interests, you become a more attractive man for now and as a life partner to more women.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #6.   Bookstores

These women are readers.  They might be students studying something.  They are demonstrating an approach of lifelong learning.  With that philosophy, they will be easier for you to engage in conversation because you can always inquire about what they are ready and respond in an interested manner.  They will enjoy conversing about what they are looking for, reading, and why.  You will need to converse with them, however, much of the flow of the conversation will be from them, which works well with your natural Shy Guy man of few words style.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #7.   Farmers Market

You can eat healthy and improve your social conversational confidence while you shop for the freshest produce each week at your local Farmers Market.  If you find the venue particularly conducive for your comfortably talking with strangers and other pretty girls, do some searching in your area.  You may find that they are 4 or 5 Farmers Markets within a 45 minute drive of where you live, each on a different day and time of day.  You want to mix it and vary it while you build your social confidence level, all while avoiding the awkwardness of inadvertently running into a girl again with whom you just didn’t quite hit it off.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #8. Swap Meets/Flea Markets

Vendors booths.  Stop and chit chat.  You can easily strike up a conversation with the vendors and see who else is in the crowd.  When you spot a girl you want to meet, just be sure to aim for the flea market vendor booth where she is headed.  If she lands at a chick oriented booth like a handmade jewelry vendor, when you approach and engage the vendor and her in conversation, you can say you are shopping for a present for your mother or grandmother.  Then ask her what she likes because you’re not familiar with jewelry.  What does she think is the best quality?  Which stones the prettiest?

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #9.   Singles Workshops and Groups

While many of the conferences and workshops of the 1980s and 1990s have to moved to an online distribution system via the internet, you can still find workshops in target locations hosted by dating experts and authors.  They attract and draw attractive available women who are actively interested in a relationship and are working on their relationship skill set.  You can join my ezine list and receive up-to-date dating advice and tips as well as stay informed about when I host or am an invited guest speaker for singles workshops and conferences.

Shy Guy Dating Tips Where to Meet Beautiful Girls #10 Star bucks and Other Chi Chi Coffee and Tea Bars

While there are now a number of coffee store chains from Peets out of Berkeley, CA, and Seattle’s Best from the Pacific Northwest, you will still find more girls and women gravitating to the larger mainstream coffee and tea chain, Star bucks.  Because they are usually busy and popular with more people entering, milling about, and TO ing and FRO ing, you will be offered more opportunities and excuses to simply utter a few sentence and have a mini-conversation exchange with a girl you see there.  They are more drawn to the sweet drinks with less coffee in them which is featured on the menu at Star bucks as well as all the merchandise sold there.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell


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  • Rae & Mark October 6, 2010, 5:13 PM

    Sounds like these would be great places, for shy guys, so I could have done with this knowledge 30+ years ago! 🙂


  • Dennis Perry October 6, 2010, 7:42 PM

    You can combine a couple of your recommended spots by going to a Barnes and Noble bookstore with a Starbucks inside. Nothing like a good book, good coffee, and pretty ladies to talk to!


  • Dr. Wendy Schauer, D.C., R.K.C. October 6, 2010, 8:38 PM

    I don’t know how many times I have seen single women reading or using their computer in Starbucks. This would be a great place.
    Yours In Health!

    Dr. Wendy M. Schauer, D.C., R.K.C.

  • Eileen O'Neill October 7, 2010, 7:24 AM

    Excellent dating tips! And each place you mention is also beneficial, it appears, to the shy guy himself!


  • Alam ghafoor October 7, 2010, 10:34 AM

    Excellent tips on where to meet single ladies,but what if you can’t dance?

  • Michael D Walker October 7, 2010, 11:00 AM

    I’m glad you elaborated on the advice for a shy guy to go to a dance club or bar on a night other than Friday or Saturday
    because the clubs nowadays are so loud you cannot possibly have a conversation short of yelling at each other (that’s always great for conversation!).

    I’m betting your ebook has more great ideas like going to art show openings or author’s book readings at the local college, etc.

    As someone who used to be painfully shy, those were always great places to meet & actually have conversations with beautiful, intelligent women.

    The Success Secrets

  • Christian Haller October 7, 2010, 12:54 PM

    So, best places I find are places that I’m likely to hold a common interest – so if you like to cook, go to a cooking class, even if you already know how – or wine tasting.
    High end food stores are also phenomenal all the way around. If you know a topic, then you’ll feel much more comfortable talking. Bars are not so good as many women are at general quarters in a bar.

  • Eva Palmer October 7, 2010, 12:57 PM

    All great places but one of the best! Salsa classes! At least that’s the most fun!

  • April Braswell October 7, 2010, 1:47 PM

    Hi Eva,

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting at my dating and relationship advice and tips blog. Glad to have you join the conversation. Yes, Salsa dance classes are a wonderful place for single guys to meet women. I know a number of men who met the ladies they are now married to at a Salsa Club and Class.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,


  • Cardel Turner, BBA October 7, 2010, 6:31 PM

    April, I like the dating tips post! For shy men 10 places to meet beautiful women hey you can not go wrong with that. Great post! Thanks for all the guys

  • Christian Haller October 10, 2010, 12:46 PM

    I swear by the high end grocery store – particularly those near condos for busy professionals. They all come in to Whole Foods every night like clockwork and most are only too happy to have someone to talk to.

  • Stephen December 16, 2010, 11:10 PM

    Your ideas for meeting beautiful women outside of just the night-life are great, April. What about meeting girls when you’re not of drinking age yet?

  • Brian April 19, 2011, 8:18 AM

    Hey April – you have some very creative and specific tips for guys to meet beautiful gurlz. Thanks for the details so I don’t stick my foot in my mouth and ruin my chances with a gurl before I even ask for her number. Do you think it’s better for guys to meet hot gurlz at dating sites? Or ITRL? I hear both sides and find it confusing and don’t know what to do. I really want a girlfriend.

  • Reading Body Language of Woman Program April 21, 2011, 2:59 PM

    Do you find it helpful to learn to read the body language of women helpful in mastering your approach converting to phone numbers?

  • Tammy Reese December 29, 2011, 2:03 PM

    Hi April, these are really great places indeed..

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