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The Rules II – More Rules to Live and Love By CLASSIC Dating Advice Book

The Rules II – More Rules to Live and Love By CLASSIC Dating Advice Book

Classic Dating Advice Book: The Rules II Delivers More Sage Love Guidance to Live By

The Rules II is the marvelous sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling book, The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, that started it all. Indeed practicing The Rules is part of what helped me to love and appreciate my self (CUAO – Creature Unlike Any Other) and look to see who loved me in his pursuing actions which led me to marry my now late husband.


I want to refrain from listing them all out of respect for Ellen and Sherrie’s intellectual property, but to give you just a little morsel of a taste to give you an idea….

They address…

Second Chances – The Rules applied to getting an ex boyfriend back (or not)

Don’t waste time (your precious, precious life!) on fantasy relationships. I cannot emphasis this enough. When I lead Dating and Relationship workshops around California and Las Vegas, this topic always comes up. There is always someone (or two or three) who is living a fantasy of being the next 90 Day Fiance. That can work out and many of those marriage relationships do. However, aiming to meet in person in some manner with a short time frame is essentials. Our dear authors of The Rules II won’t let you waste your precious time and love energy deluding yourself it’s something other than what it is: a lovely fantasy.

Long Distance Relationships (a few sections on them as a matter of fact) With modern singles often working and traveling for business, this is more and more a reality of Modern Love, in addition to all the military couples with one or more of the partners away from home.

Mature Love
Weeding OUT Mr. Wrong
Starting Over (like after death of a spouse or divorce) I have this one personally, being widowed, and would secondarily do the process from Moving On from the Grief Recovery Institute.

Ok, that really should give you an excellent idea.

If you are an adoring fan of The Rules like I am, you will definitely want to add this RULES book to your collection and read it and incorporate it and its principles into your Love Life.

I highly recommend it and think it makes for a great present for your girlfriends, both single and married, as well as a wonderful gift to yourself! There’s always a great holiday or reason to give a book. Remember books? Those wonderful things you hold in your hands and turn the physical pages of? You have a relationship with a book. We place them on shelves in our bookcases and take them down again to revisit them and refresh our memory of reading it. They are part of what make our house our home.

Happy Dating and Relationships,


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