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The Anatomy of Body Language: Our Body Language, Ourselves

General Introduction: Our Body Language, Ourselves

Man signaling his attraction interest via Body Language Gesture of Men

It used to be that knowing about body language, both managing and reading, was a closely guarded and concealed secret mystery.  But by now, with some of the world’s Top Body Language Reading Experts have both written about the importance of nonverbal communication and demonstrated its impact on ourselves and others on Television, many Americans know at least something about reading and managing body language and their nonverbal signals to others and themselves.


Nonverbal cues have been purported by at least one UCLA study to comprise 93% of communication.  Other experts relegate nonverbal signals mean only 55-75%.  Whatever the precise percentage, you can rest assured that learning to manage and read Body Language code is well worth your while to pursue to becoming skilled and adept in.


Total communication is a symphony of Body Language Signals, Vocal Signals and Intonations, lastly our words.  All too often people misconstrue that our word choice matters most in communication skills.  If we want to be a Master Communicator, then we want to be a student of all three Communicating components.

Where to Start in Your Studying Body Language Signals

To grow in your facility with signaling and decoding nonverbals, you’ll want first want to ponder your own body language code.  Indeed, as Socrates has told his students, “To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Start with yourself before you aim to know others.  Whatever your profession or relationship status, becoming more knowledgeable about the hidden unconscious meaning of nonverbal communication can benefit you significantly.  Becoming a student of body language reading and aiming for the status of Master Communicator can benefit you in just about every area of your life.


Professionally:  If you’re a SBO or Sales person, therapist or Nurse practitioner, you need to sell your services and skills simply to earn your living let alone fulfilling your life mission of sharing your work with the people who would benefit from working with you.


Single? Married?:  Knowing what your body communicates to your dates helps you to do better in dating and get the relationship results you desire.

YouTube Preview Image
Midlife Dating Coaching for Women: How to Flirt with Guys After 40

Managing your nonverbal signals better can signify the different between getting her to say YES to your invitation to a Second Date or Not.

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Midlife Dating Tips: How to Use Body Language Flirting for men and women over 40+

Your knowledge of what your body language communicates to your date’s unconscious mind can make all the difference in his feeling sufficiently confident with you to ask for a second date, or fear he’ll strike out with you because of your nonverbal cues, so why even bother?

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Midlife Dating Coach: How to Flirt Body Language Flirting Tips for Men

Today we’re just starting out on our journey to exploring The Anatomy of Body Language.  It’s time to learn The Body Language Code.  Get out some sheets of paper and start brainstorming and writing.  Just start listing what are the personal and professional scenarios you’re in regularly.  Think about what you’re in daily and weekly.  How about the scenarios you’re in only infrequently but which have massive impact on your long term career success:

  • Presenting at your international employer’s annual conference.
  • Speaking before a mixed gender audience as a fully veiled Muslim woman before your industry’s influential convention.


You’ll want to start strategizing about where you already feel like the subject matter expert you are and where managing your body language more skillfully would better convey your expertise with all of your communication languages.  Contemplate now, how might more intentionally transmitting your body language signals, gestures, and postures might illicit more of the result you seek.


As you study the lessons here and complete your assignments, please do reply email me your scenarios where you want more help and where your challenges are.  I’ll be sure to answer them with bonus lessons and videos to benefit you and others.


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