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“The 15 Minute Relationship Fix” Delivers a Super Helpful Guide for Couples Seeking to Deepen Intimacy

The 15 Minute Relationship Fix Delivers a Super Helpful Guide for Couples Seeking to Deepen Intimacy

If you want to create deeper emotional intimacy with your partner or spouse, this is the Relationship Book for the two of you

The 15 Minute Relationship Fix, by Joel Block, PhD

Dr. Block has distilled multiple decades of his professional clinical counseling with couples in trouble and in crisis – sufficient to their seeking out rock solid professional expert couples counseling – into practical and manageable into tactics to use in 15-minute spurts. That is something which every couple who is seriously interested and perhaps even committed and dedicated to improving and renewing the intimacy in their relationship.

Doing this work, not just reading the book, will transform your love relationship.

15 minutes is so doable. It doesn’t require a 3 weekend conference you have attend before you can even start to have the tools to begin the process.

Plus, these are not just personal story anecdotal information packaged nicely as I too often see in current books. Dr. Block’s depth of expertise is evidenced throughout. There’s meat on them there bones!

This 98 page book, has a quality and meaty 6 page introduction which contributes to the content of the book. So, you’re really getting 104 pages of substance delivered with warmth and humor. I seriously loved the cartoon and chapter starter illustrations. They added a lot and kept that sense of humor flowing throughout the book, that sense and perspective of a strong sense of humor, which sustains couples throughout a long-time love committed relationship.

Without being too insubstantial, Block does interweave humor to lighten what could otherwise be misconstrued as “heavy” work along the way. Delving deep is not easy, and as a culture, many of us weren’t raised to do so. It’s only as Positive Psychology moved into the mainstream in the past 40ish years that we regularly talk about such topics at the dinner table and throughout our daily lives.

The book starts with a marvelous quote from The Velveteen Rabbit (I still have the hard cover my oldest friend gave me years ago. Even without having been able to have children, I’ve kept it all these years.) which my generation grew up upon. I loved that book and many reference it for showing vulnerability. Citing that wonderful quote at the very beginning sets the tone of vulnerability and softness, sharing our soft underbelly with our partner for the whole book. To do so means risking it all, risking rejection from who we most deeply crave acceptance, approval, and appreciation.

The 15 Minute Relationship Fix, back cover, Dr Joel Block

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because the 15-minute exercises are brief that they are shallow or ephemeral. Block’s work requires both parties in the couple delve deeply and genuinely share of themselves, thus being truly seen, yielding deepened intimacy, caring, and true love. Love is a choice and requires work, personal work. Block provides an accessible and meaty way for couples to do just that and reap the rewards of the love, acceptance and deep appreciation we all yearn for.

While the examples and illustrations given presuppose a heterosexual love relationship, if you are in an LGBTQ couple relationship, this book is a super useful and meaty guide for your coupledom’s intimacy as well. You’ll need to transpose just a little, but because Dr. Block’s prescriptions and tactics are romantic relationship centered, this book is applicable for all romantic couples.

I really love this book and Dr. Block’s style. If you’re anything like me, once you discover an author and expert in a field and you adore his/her work, you seek to read everything you can. Have no fear! This is not Dr. Block’s only book. He has authored over 20 books on Love and Sex, so we’ll both have plenty to read in the months ahead after reading and implanting this one!

Additionally, since it is so helpful and practical, any Pre-Marital Counselor of any of the faith communities could use this with engaged couples of any age. Mental Health Professionals could have their own copy in their Resource Center as well as recommend it to couples treated.

I highly recommend this book. Even if you are not yet in a committed relationship, reading and implementing the tactics therein will better equip you for a relationship when that crosses your path. Therefore, this is a great book if you are single or in a couple relationship as well as makes a great gift to any of your friends or loved ones seeking or entering one. Think: Holiday gift, birthday present, anniversary, wedding present, engagement gift, Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or each other. Singles and couples of any religion(s) or none could readily use and apply this book. You could use it as part of your couple’s regular devotional time together.

I received a copy from the author for an honest review. And honesty, as I said, I love it and look forward to reading and discovering more of his other books. I bet you will, too.

You can pick up a copy at your local Barnes and Noble or grab a copy easily here at Amazon:
The 15-Minute Relationship Fix.


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