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SoCal Scene LDS Christians Singles Dance May 25 Westlake Village

SoCal Scene LDS Christians Singles Single Adult Dance May 25 Westlake Village

SoCal Scene LDS Christians Singles Dance May 25 Westlake Village

SoCal Singles Scene LDS Christians Singles Dance May 25 2012

Southern California Singles Scene LDS Christians Singles Dance Friday May 25


Los Angles Singles Scene:  LDS Christian Single Adult Dance May 25 @ Westlake Village

Southern California singles sometimes have a challenging time to meet each other.  Whether you live in Los Angeles proper or one of the more ancillary areas of LA County, it can seem like the only LA Singles Scene options are geared for 30 something singles only and are totally focused on The Bar Scene.


And while cool fun contemporary movies like “Think Like a Man,” do feature darling attractive hip young couples meeting in fun and classy singles bars, not everyone wants to go hang at bars in order to possibly meet other singles.


Some singles don’t drink alcohol at all, so for them especially, The Bar Scene, can be particularly uncomfortable as well as really the completely wrong fishing hole.  (You wouldn’t fish for Sea Bass in a Fresh Water pond, right?)


Los Angeles LDS Christian Singles Single Adult Dance Benefits

LDS Christian Singles, LA Singles Dance, Dancing Single Man and Woman

LA Singles Dancing Couple

That’s why I love to keep a number of Singles Dances here in the greater SoCal area on my radar screen to share with you all about great dancing opportunities put on by various Christian Single Adult GroupsSingles Ministries and Singles Groups a genuine alternative for you to The Singles Bar Scene or The Club Scene, which can really be too much of a PUA scene when what you are really looking for is a significant relationship, not Ms. 2Nite or Mr. RightNow.


Los Angeles LDS Christian Singles Single Adult Dance Open to All Area Singles

This Friday night, there is a Single Adult Dance at Westlake Village put on by the LDS Christian Singles Mid-Singles Ministry group.  All of the LDS dances are open to all single adults, whether you are LDS or not. And while you wouldn’t think I would need to define what “single” means, in this day and age, I do.  The LDS request that to attend all divorces be final.  So if you are divorcing, separated, or somehow still legally married in anyway shape or form, please just wait for all of that to be complete and attend one of their dances in the future.  They host them regularly.  You’ll get another chance.   The age group is typically late 20s into 40s.  Pretty much all ages are welcome, just know that when you are not well within the target age group, you might not have a dance partner tonight.


Los Angeles LDS Christian Singles Single Adult Dance Helps You Get Out and Socialize

Still, I often think that it’s worth attending such events to stretch yourself socially and get out even if you are not in the ysweet spot of the target age range.  Why?  Because You have a better chance of meeting God’s Intended for you and building a Celestial Marriage while you are out and about and decrease your chances for finding that when it’s Friday night and you are sitting at home and alone, right?


Their events are always super reasonably priced, the dance typically costing less than $10 and that includes refreshments!


Most of the LDS Single Adult events feature a number of mixer activities so everyone can easily and comfortably quickly break the ice and take all of the stress, anxiety, and tension out of having to think those ice breaker conversation starters totally on your own devices.


Los Angeles LDS Christian Singles Single Adult Dance Details

Dance Event Name:    4th Friday Westlake Dance
Dance Event Cost:  $5.  Yes folks, see what I mean?  5 bucks.
When:   Friday May 25, 2012
Dance Event Time: 8:30 pm – 12:30 am (it is LA county, folks are used to later End of Night evenings than some other SoCal counties)
Dress Code:  Upscale (Yes, this is LA county, I don’t even really need to say that, do I?  Just do think to Dress Spiffy and you’ll fit right in.
Where Are We Dancing Location:  32165 Watergate Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361 in the Westlake Building.

This is at the church building, so there is plenty of free (my favorite price!) parking in the church parking lot.

Bring friends and meet new ones!

Happy Dating and Relationships,


April Braswell

Dating and Relationship Expert

As seen in Dating for Dummies, 3rd Edition

Ms. Braswell leads Online Dating Success Workshops for singles of all ages in both Orange County and Los Angeles County in Southern California. Southern California Internet Dating Singles Workshops



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About the author: April Braswell is an internationally recognized Dating and Relationship Expert. She coaches single men and women to attract and find the best life partner for them. April brings cutting edge behavioral research to singles to empower them for finding quality mates. Connect with April at Google+: plus.google.com/+AprilBraswell/

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