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Singles Tip: As You Pack for Thanksgiving Travels Carry a Conversation Starter

Singles Tip: As You Pack for Thanksgiving Travels Carry a Conversation Starter

Singles Tip: Packing for Thanksgiving Weekend, Include Your Conversation Starter Prop

This week, many Americans, including many singles, will be traveling for the US Thanksgiving Holiday.  Your Thanksgiving travels might entail a combination of airplane travel, train travel, bus rides, limo and group shuttle rides, as well as a little carpooling.

Whatever kind of travel your holiday celebration entails, you will be out in front of so many more people this week toing and froing that you simply must take advantage of this time, plan ahead for how you and others can easily talk with each other, and then also have in mind a little something of a plan for how to do the Personal Card Handoff or to invite an interesting possibly single person to join you for a glass of wine, a glass of cranberry juice, a cup of coffee, or a mug of herbal tea.  The point here is not about imbibing alcohol to break the ice.  The point is to have a congenial something to do and share a light nosh together to connect you a little further so you actually might just get to see each other again at a later time.


Having a plan in mind versus just good intentions in your mind beforehand can make all the difference between a 5 minutes flirtation and amazingly connecting conversation that went nowhere to sharing that mug of hot chocolate, talking for another 25 minutes, exchanging personal cards, and arranging for a first date for drinks at the interesting wine bar in downtown Newport Beach while you two are both in Orange County for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will discuss a full range of options for you to use for your Singles Conversation Starter Props.  Plus some special bonus tips of what to use on the spur of the moment as your Conversation Starter Prop when maybe you didn’t already plan ahead, pack, and bring one with you.


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  • April for those who travel it may be a good idea to dress up to attract a well to do single or make that great first impression.
    Scott Sylvan Bell
    Reading body language of clean shoes
    Now go implement!

  • Having a plan in mind ahead of your thanksgiving travel instead of just good intentions is a great idea April, and I look forward to reading more!


  • Looking forward to reading more tomorrow about Thanksgiving conversation starters while traveling.


  • An interesting book is always a good conversation starter!
    Sonya Lenzo

  • Dennis Perry

    The old saying “Plan your work and work your plan” is equally applicable here.

    Plan what you will say so that when an opportunity presents itself, you are prepared.


  • Great article!
    Having a plan in mind versus just good intentions in your mind beforehand can really make a difference.


  • Of course, why didn’t I think of Thanksgiving as a great time to meet people – because I’m not the dating diva, you are!!! Excellent tips. I like the part about having a plan. I can remember never wanting to choose a place to go and being asked by a date “where do you want to go,” and actually getting irritated by it. It would have been great to have someone say, “Would you like to go to such and such a place for hot chocolate?” Also, that makes it easier on you if you are the one making the invite. Having a plan is the perfect suggestion!

    Lisa McLellan
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  • You’re so right April. Having a plan beforehand is better way to arrange a date party or an event as it gives ample time and thoughts to bring to mind for a perfect date.

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