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Single? Friday night? DON’T Go to the Movies!

I just had a marvelous lunchtime convo where we were talking and flirting and it seems that we both love movie and older, classic Hollywood movies.

However, when you are single and in the Aiming to Meet People stage, and it is the weekend, this is just about the worst time for you to go to the movies.  Pretty much you don’t meet and interact with others at the movies.  Now if you live in Manhattan and you are going to see an interesting art film, indie film, or something popular enough that it has a LONG line around the block (this is fairly unique to Manhattan because there is no room whatsoever in the movie theater for lines, so they have you cue up outside.) then that could work.  Just, it is RARE.  DO go ahead and leverage it and lightly chit chat with the person in front and behind of you, but you are devoting 3-4 hours of your precious weekend time when singles are out about and mingling and you?  Are talking to 1 person in front of you and 1 person behind you and in a dark movie theater for 2 hours.  NOT the best use of your time.

Remember high school or college economics class?  The concept of Opportunity cost?  Friday night is a soiree evening.

Where should you be?

At an Art Gallery opening sipping warm Gallo Chablis and nibbling on stale crackers meeting other people. (btw Gallo has some LOVELYwines.  you just won’t find that level at the Art Gallery openings.  *wistful sigh*)

Attending a Singles Event (EVENTS are harder to find these days, but they ARE out there!)

Going to a Ballroom Dance Class like for West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Salsa

A Wine Bar – get a flight of white or red wines and learn about them

Attend a Scotch Tasting (98% men, great opportunity for single women to meet men)

Go to the 12th Annual Bachelors of San Francisco On Maiden Lane fundraiser (this is SO fabulous!)

Attend The Guardsmen’s 4th Friday Happy Hour

Go to bed early because you are attending an all day Hunting Skills class tomorrow on Saturday (lots of men)

Guyz – go to an early morning or early evening Yoga class.  LOTS of chicks.  The questions I receive from young men for how and where to meet girls (ok, in their terms, Hot Chicks) when they are not yet old enough to go to the bars.  Yoga Classes.  Community College classes (like pottery class) and The Mall.  Get your hair cut at a beauty school and not the barber.  LOTS of young women there.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

Las Vegas Baby Boomer Dating Expert

About the author: April Braswell is an internationally recognized Dating and Relationship Expert. She coaches single men and women to attract and find the best life partner for them. April brings cutting edge behavioral research to singles to empower them for finding quality mates. Connect with April at Google+: plus.google.com/+AprilBraswell/

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  • Rob Northrup

    What should a gal wear to Hunting Skills class?

  • Opportunity cost indeed. So if Friday is soiree night, is Saturday date nihgt?

    And what do you think about leaving a date mid-stream if the other side makes a major transgression, like verbal abuse or worse? Okay, not okay?


  • Keri Eagan

    Guys, once you get your hair cut at the beauty school by a you’ll probably never go to a barber again.

    Good question, what does one wear to hunting class?

    Keri Eagan

  • Movies are cheaper and less crowded on Saturday morning. This is a better choice.

    Good advice on other places to go.

    Steve Chambers, Sale Trainer Speaker

  • Hi Keri,

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting at it.

    “What does one wear to a hunting class?”

    often one wears ordinance

    Imagine, if you will, Dale Evans. Picture with me here… lipstick… fringe… ordinance…. blue jeans… cute boots….

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Jose Escalante

    Interesting point don’t waste time when your going after something

    Jose Escalante

  • Hezron

    Let’s see….great suggestions…in my area, the people who go to these places are “taken”. I am just stating my opinion. It is hard to meet quality single people. At my school, the majority of decent girls are taken. So what is available to me, form my point of view, here are my options overweight drama queens, women who really think that because they have a “career” and a ” BA” qualifies them as “wife material” and single mothers who, in my experience…are simply looking for a replacement daddy to fund their childs college education.

    Meeting girls at the Mall….sounds a bit juvenile but whatever works… For the young men in school, Consider acutally studying for your classes, getting good grades and getting a good career. Might try the college library (if they know what a library is). There lots of sexy, intellect types…..

    Not trying to sound bitter or angry (30-something singles who are never married have that “bitter” label stuck on like a “Hi my name is” tag at a speed dating event). But I really feel those suggestions might work if single women today would cease to blame men for thier lonliness and look in the mirror. It begins with the individual staring in front of them.

    April didn’t you encourage women in an earlier post to date “real men”. The events you suggested indiciate these types of men may have a high net worth …..contradictory don’t you think?


  • Hi Hezron,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.


  • April,

    Good advice. I believe we can meet some great people just by looking and loving the moment. You have some great ideas here that singles can use.

    Lynn Lane
    The Warrior Of Success

  • An art gallery, wine bar…sounds much better than a movie to me. And I love it when I see guys in my yoga classes (the few times when I went).


  • Martin Wright

    Looks like I’ll be taking-up yoga then.
    On second thoughts, I don’t think my hairy legs would suit a leotard!!

  • Katie

    Martin, I for one would be most amused and delighted to see you in a leaotard.

    A comment above has me a bit confused. The reader mentions “real men” and then contrasts real men with men who have money. I’ve known real men with real money. I don’t understand why the contrast.


  • Lisa McLellan

    Excellent advice on even what NOT to do! You are truly the Know All of Dating Ms. Braswell! Good advice on the no movies on friday night tip! Hey I was out to dinner last night with my husband and noticed an ad on the wall for Thursday night – Ladies Night with drink discounts etc. I immediately thought of you and your post the other day.

    Lisa McLellan
    Child Care Expert,
    Babysitting Services, Babysitting Tips, Babysitters, Nannies

  • Pam Schulz

    If I were single, the wine bar would be my cup of tea (or wine, as it were). Great tips on where singles can meet other singles on the weekend.


  • JJ Jalopy

    I love that you brought the concept of opportunity cost into this.

    Yoga is a great choice.

    My favorite date choice as a young man used to be to go the supermarket to do my weekly shopping. I used to hate doing my shopping so it was much more pleasurable to do it with a pretty girl.

    Oh… and there’s also the fact that we had to go back to mine to drop off the shopping.

    I’m a bit less of a cad, these days…

  • John Ho

    Yap, always hang out where your prospective targets are!

    It’s always the quality numbers game!

    John Ho

  • However, when you are single and in the Aiming to Meet People stage, and it is the weekend, this is just about the worst time for you to go to the movies. Pretty much you don’t meet and interact with others at the movies.

  • Tunanny

    I love folks who blog often. You give a lot of dating tips for free April. Great tips.

  • Marta

    I know there is this belief that dinner and a movie is a good date activity, April, but just like you said, it gets kinda boring especially at the giant multiplexes. Not romantic. Maybe some guys will read this blog post and get some better date ideas.

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