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Single Boomer Dating – Branding Yourself in Your Internet Personals Profile, Tips from Online Dating Coach

OK.  Thank you to all the people who emailed me for some offline help with the Single Boomer Online Dating profile help.  Check your emails for my individual helps to you. To help you answer the questions about really what to include, I’m citing myself below.  Fill your worksheet out a bit more. And tomorrow I’ll show you then MY ONLINE DATING PROFILE BRAND.

To illustrate what I do then with my Dating Coaching client’s worksheets.  I mull them over.  Typically I come up with a few sort of catch phrases and we talk again to test them for how they FEEL to them.

When you are posting an internet personal’s profile, you want YOUR profile to stand out and in a way which accurately reflects and conveys YOU at the Online Dating Sites. And you need to mentally create a BRAND which will simply be YOUR SHORTHAND to conveying you quickly.  Yes, you are more than your brand.  You are a full and richly nuanced human being with ups and downs, sweet and sours to your personality (me, too! NO! yes, it’s true… lol!)  There is more to you than just a few words.  Of course.  That is a given.  However, this is to HELP other singles who read your internet dating profile to quickly get a FEEL for YOU.

Time and again, the feedback I and my clients receive with our online dating profiles is that… “your profile really was different than everyone else’s…. I felt you were a real person…”  They got a snapshot of us.

So, let’s take some examples of some things in your worksheets.



Long hair

Great skin

Voluptuous figure, tends towards being overweight

not skinny


not tall


White, in fact, quite fair

Serious curves

great smile

dazzling smile

martian body type












sales and marketing professional (profession can be under OTHER, more important just to cite it than to worry, “Which column should I categorize this into?”)


Seven Sisters

Smith College


Grew up in Princeton

Love Colonial History

Bibliovore (I love to read and have LOTS of books, bookcases are a significant furniture consideration)

Entrepreneurial lifestyle and mind set (namely, I “work” on the weekends and in the evenings)

LOVE hiking

Love getting out into nature

city girl

Love New York City in a Big Way

Art lover

Cat, dogs, horses animal lover

Baker more than cooking and yet good (not GREAT) cook

Peets coffee fan

Love the TV show HOUSE

Love Brit humor and comedies

ah… strong sense of humor (I know a little redundant from previous column)

From East Coast

Live in Las Vegas, former Silicon Valley tech land

Youngest child

Large family

Parents dead

No children

Widowed, young widow

OK, that is long enough for today.

Tomorrow I will show you how I take those attributes and created my BRAND.  Additionally, I’ll talk about some of the ITEMS which did NOT become part of my brand and why etc.

Until then….

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

Dating Quick Start Expert, Relationship Success Coach

Divorce Support and Bereavement Counseling Outreach Workshop Henderson, NV, Nevada, Las Vegas

About the author: April Braswell is an internationally recognized Dating and Relationship Expert. She coaches single men and women to attract and find the best life partner for them. April brings cutting edge behavioral research to singles to empower them for finding quality mates. Connect with April at Google+: plus.google.com/+AprilBraswell/

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  • Duane Cunningham

    Hi April,

    Thanks for the info! Im looking forward to seeing how you branded yourself for this purpose


  • jc mackenzie


    Your kidding, colonial history? I’ve been a colonial living historian for many years now, specifically southeast 1780-1781.

    I even make braintan leather

    Now, that’s interesting, there aren’t that many of us around!


  • Christian Haller

    With that, I don’t think you have much trouble creating a good brand – very interested in how this turns out. Notice you never mentioned age – how does this figure into thing?
    Christian Haller

  • John Ho


    Glad to see that you’ve now got 20 subscribed readers instead of just 4.

    Also you example of how to brand yourself in the singles market si pretty impressive too!

    John Ho

  • April,
    Very nice post. I feel that I know you much more than I did before reading it. Great use of yourself as an example to show your readers how to brand themselves.

    Health, Fitness — Darryl Pace

  • Very forthcoming post. You are an effective brand maven.

    Steve Chambers, The Sales Expert

  • Yann Vernier

    Good way of doing preparing an appealing online profile. Like great marketing: start by listing the features then work out your unique angle.

    But did I read this right… “martian body type”? What is this?

    All the best,

  • Lynn Lane

    What a great list you have. Always great information and advice. Thanks.
    Lynn LAne

  • Rob Northrup

    Great list of attributes. I look forward to seeing where you go with this…
    Seize the Day,


  • Bob Kaufer

    It is good to get to know you better. I feel as if I should be buying you dinner and a few drinks now.

    Bob Kaufer

  • Pam Schulz

    Interesting concept to brand yourself in the world of online dating.


  • jc mackenzie

    Happy Mother’s Day!!


  • Anthony Lemme

    Interesting. Was age mentioned and I just missed it or was it intentional?


  • Pat Becker

    And now we start singing “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to…” (from South Pacific)


  • Don Shepherd

    the question of age keeps popping up, but to me age is a marker others use to know if it’s time to quite.

    Don Shepherd

  • This is great, I love the whole branding yourself idea. I love reading your blog and thinking about what I would do if I were single! I can see my list “babysits – no I’m not 16″……

    Lisa McLellan, Babysitting Services – Babysitters, Nannies, and Au-pairs

  • I, too, am curious about what is a martian body????

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