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Romance Coach – More Easy Dating Tips to Meet More People and Get More Dates! Yes, it’s LADY’S NIGHT

Romance Coach – More Easy Dating Tips to Meet More People and Get More Dates! Yes, it’s LADY’S NIGHT

I’m SUCH a relationship building woman.  Ergo I live and breath networking.

So naturally, with networking and relationship building… I gaggle.  I gaggle my friends.  I gaggle my girlfriends.  I am KNOWN for this.  In the business world, these are the characteristics of a Market Maker and Mover & Shaker (or M&S as some of us joke).

Innnnnterestingly enough, there is RESEARCH, about characteristics of Women Who Get Married.  This is included in the quality book, “Why Men Marry Some Women and not Others.”  It’s a good short read and has some helpful information.  Others are meatier, but they are researchers, so the tone is different than some other dating books.

So, this RESEARCH… one of the characteristics is that women who get married have a group of other single girlfriends who are actively looking for a marriage relationship.
Well, I already did this.  Indeed, I also vary the AGE of my gaggle.  We joke about it.  If the men we meet are late 40s and into their 50s, send them to April!  OK, the minute they see her, they’re already moving in that sparkling pink direction…. magnetically drawn.  It’s the Power of Pink Sparklies!
30s?  J, T, maybe R.  Late 30s, early 40s, R.

We get together about once a month for a Girlz Nite OUT!  We do this on Thursday night so that our married lady friends can join us without problems with children or dear husband.

And for us Single Gals, Thursday night doesn’t interfere with Date Nigtz of Friday and Saturday evening.

We mix it up.

We mix up the VENUE!  And when we started to get in rut of always somewhere downtown Palo Alto…. we shifted and went to downtown San Carlos one month  (Town in downtown SC).  We also rotate who PICKS the venue.  We will TRY NEW THINGS.  (you’re impressed, I can tell already even before I post.).  We will try a new venue, have even helped a fund raiser (The Princess Project – helping all girls be a princess for their prom who couldn’t otherwise afford to go) by meeting there to start and adding friends who wouldn’t have attended and contributed otherwise.  We tried the venue for an hour or so, didn’t really care for it, and shifted to one of our favorites.  But we DID give it a try for more than an hour.

BTW, I donated a beautiful sparkley Rhinestone tiara.  Naturally.  And I hope the girl who wore it indeed felt that evening, “I AM a PRINCESS!”  And she’d have been right.
So, least you feel I’m at it with my Romance Coach, Online Dating Coach clients on a daily basis with a whip and a chair (or whips and chains, whatever, your choice, I’m very accepting….) about these ACTIONS, here is one that is SO EASY.  This is SUCH an Easy Dating Tips bit.  “Go out for drinks with your girlfriends once a month…. Vary the bar. OK, if you must… and Have Fun.

Yeah, that’s your TOUGH homework for the Thursday.

Go Have Fun and share it with others to magnify it.

We use Evite for org’g the invitation list, citing venue (address), and it automatically sends out reminders.  Cool, huh?  Yup, I DO live in the land of Web 2.0.  As a

Networking and Relationship MAVEN, I was a natural for all the Social Networking sites.

Have fun!  I’ll take a Belvedere Cosmopolitan (yes, I AM part of the SATC generation.) or a Pomegranate Margarita (discovered at Andale on University.  YUM!)  please!

Thanks! and Cheers!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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