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Romance Coach’s Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES – WORK OUT

Romance Coach’s Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES – WORK OUT

Yes, you’ve heard it before.  Not all of my ideas which I’m oh so readily citing for free here at my Easy Dating Tips and Advice blog are new or original.  My point in posting them is to give people an ENDLESS supply of Dating Tips and Advice ideas for all those times when we get in a dating rut and can’t think of a THING to do to meet new people jump start our dating lives.

So, yes, WORK OUT.

Right now I will just get GO TO A GYM.

But really there are number of cool ideas related to that.  But those will be for other posts in the future.

I know some people who have said, “I just want to work out.” That is cool.  When I was working at Oracle, I simply LOVED their corporate gym.  I would get there EARLY morning when they opened at 6 am, beating out the dreadful San Francisco Bay Area traffic.  Well, by going at the SAME TIME all the time, you would start to run into the same people, and do the Head Nod hello thing.  I feel men do that very well.  It’s just an acknowledgment.  We don’t have to do or say more… we could.  But we don’t have to.  Ladies, when he does this SMILE and make eye contact and SMILE.

Over time we are going to create that feeling of FAMILIARITY where you two will eventually say that magic word… “Hello.” And then you’re off the races.

OK, I’ll save more ideas for future blogs, but I did just have to say – TRY SOME DIFFERENT THINGS while you are there so you actually see and meet some new people!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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