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90 in 30 Success Formula

You Can Meet More Men Than You Have Ever Before!


Are you a relationship-motivated single who is just feeling frustrated right now with your current romantic relationship results?  Are you struggling on some level with meeting other great singles?  Well, before you freak out totally from the title of this singles challenge, NO, I am not saying you will be DATING 90 men in 30 days! lol. Oh my goodness!

Imagine yourself happily and confidently meeting, chatting, and interacting with 90 men in 30 days!  One-on-one single coaching clients who have done this program more than once actually make it to 150 in 30 days….

But no worries for you!  If this is your first time through doing this session with me, some days you might make it to 5 new men a day….  However, by aiming at just at least 3 per day, you WILL be enjoying and seeing your increased confidence, comfortableness, and poise meeting new men daily!  Imagine how you’ll feel with all that confidence, romantic self-confidence and attention!

attractive single man and single woman talkingNow guys, don’t worry. I have your back and have not left you out in the cold here. Indeed, you can participate in the same teleseminar sessions and apply the same techniques and strategies and you, too, can be meeting 90 new women in 30 days. Imagine yourself doing this with comfort, confidence, and ease…. Pretty amazing isn’t it?


Now the thing is, what I hear from singles and coaching clients is that it is a challenge for them.  It’s a challenge for them to apply my “Daily 5” singles strategy.   They can’t imagine fitting ALL that activity into their busy professional lives combined with their social and volunteer commitments.  They run out of places to go where they live….  They continue to run into the very same people over and over again….

And then, even when it does go well, they then totally fumble the ball once they say one sentence because they don’t feel confident YET really engaging in a conversation with a new stranger and have no idea how to segue from “just meeting” to any kind of a date after wards. They feel like they got a few baby steps down but still feel thwarted when it comes to how not waste all their time and efforts to then move to a first date!  Well… that is, without feeling like a complete and utter fool or sleezebag a la some overly obvious PUA which isn’t what they want AT ALL!

Feels familiar? Can you identify with any of that?

Well, no worries!  Because I’ve got your back, and I’ll be with you all along the way.  For 4 60+minutes teleseminar sessions, I’ll be coaching you all as a group with new venue ideas weekly, how to repeat successes and shift a few things to enjoy MORE weekly successes, and to build on the successes you had last week so you can take thing sequentially and move forward in your dating life!  You’ll learn new venues weekly, and report in with how you did and receive weekly encouragement to keep at it.

In addition, you’ll learn how to successfully body language flirt with the opposite sex and be prepared to segue to a first date….  when that’s what YOU want!


So maybe you don’t have a hot date for this Valentine’s Day 2011. You don’t want another month to go by with that same result, do you? You can start the stream of singles into your life this month and enjoy great second dates by taking some simple yet highly effective steps this month now so things will be different for you in March and April 2011. How great is that?

Now, if you sign up for the 90 in 30 product and you can’t make each and every of the 4 sessions, no worries. You’ll be receiving homework assignment workbooks weekly, can send in your specific questions to be addressed in the sessions, and they’ll be recorded and available afterwards for each participant through the first week in March so you can listen and participate when it’s convenient for your schedule.

When you and a friend – it’s so much easier to practice with a buddy cohort partner in crime, isn’t it? – sign up at the same time, you two save $15.00!


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