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Planning a Duggar Sized Wedding: Choosing the Venue

Planning a Duggar Sized Wedding: Choosing the Right Venue for the Couple

Size Matters

When Jill Duggar weds Derick Dillard, they will have well over 1,000 possibly even as many as 2,000 guests in attendance at their wedding.  That means, they will need to find and book a wedding venue large enough to accommodate that many guests comfortably and also stay within their wedding budget.  These are 2 very important considerations for any bride and groom.


Style Matters

Wedding Reception venue touring. Springdale Country Club. Their ballroom was spacious with lots of beautiful open air views from large windows onto their golf course. While their budget is referenced, precise dollar amounts are never discussed on TV in any of the episodes. The Duggars are always sagely budget conscious. Putting family first and raising 19 kids means emphasizing the consumerism of our current American culture less. One of their family mottos is “Buy used and save the difference.” Michelle does describe this venue as “Fancy.” But it appears that it’s within their total wedding budget.


Sentiment Matters

Cross Church is also one of the venues which they visit to consider both to house the wedding and the reception. Unlike some of the other very attractive locations they visited earlier, this one could readily accommodate the size of their guest list. They mailed out over 1000 invitations. Cross Church seats 1500 in the church sanctuary area. This is both the church where Jill’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, were married on July 21, 1984 as well as where they renewed their vows 25 years later. The church features a large concrete area right outside of the church which actually looks quite attractive, and they determined that that area could be well-used for the reception after the wedding.  With the wedding in just a short time away, finding a venue that is available and pinning it down is of the utmost importance.  All the venues got a nice plug from the show while the couple was touring them.  The location they finally selected would get the most free publicity by being featured in the wedding episode.

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