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Planning a Duggar Sized Wedding: Cake Tasting for Derick and Jill

Planning a Duggar Sized Wedding: Cake Tasting


Planning a wedding can take on quite a ton of variables, and when you add to it that the bridal host family size is 21 people in the core unit alone, the scale just got massive. While the size scale of Jill and Derick’s wedding likely nearly rivaled the Royal Wedding, the style surely doesn’t. As momma Michelle Duggar put it when they were touring wedding reception venues, their style is more “Barefoot and Backyard” that elegant formality, however beautiful that might be.


Because Jill Duggar has been so involved in her local community both as a First Responder trained by the local Fire Department and in midwifery helping local couples to deliver their babies, a number of friends and wedding guests wanted to help out and give back to her in some way for her wedding. So many brides and grooms care more about the Social Scene societal impact of the wedding than in creating meaningful memories. Not so with the Duggars. They have always cared about wise money management, keeping costs down, and creating family memories with long term meaning.


So when it came to planning the wedding, Jill went with a friend. And when it came to selecting a wedding cake baker, she asked a lady, Amanda Capps, whose 2 healthy babies (Cooper and Ellen) she’d helped to deliver.




When Jill and Derick go wedding cake tasting, they bring along Jessa Duggar as their chaperone. This pack a double whammy, because Jessa is in a courtship with a likely wedding just around the corner, so if she’s tasting cakes now, she can bear that in mind when it comes to her selecting her wedding fare. While she says she doesn’t want cake at her wedding, just ice cream, that might change when it comes to incorporating her in-laws wishes into the wedding as well as hers and Ben’s preferences.


Golden Butter, French Vanilla, Classic White, and Traditional Pound are the 4 cake flavors they taste, all variations on vanilla white wedding cakes. Unlike me, Jill is not a significant chocolate fan. 4 filling flavors were also considered including strawberry, raspberry, and pudding. The pound was a denser cake, and Derick enjoyed the butter taste of the Golden Butter cake. However, the happy couple selected the French Vanilla cake with the strawberry filling and an off-white butter cream frosting garnished with flowers in a 16, 14, and 12, and 6 inch round for the wedding cake dramatic display and cutting ceremony and sheet cakes to feed all of their over 1,000 wedding guests.

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