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19Kids Lessons: Learning to Cook and Not Just Rely on Take Out

Fresh Produce BruchettaWatching the 2 Duggar girls, Jill and Jessa, and their courtships this past on tv has been fun for all of us fans to watch. And while they are sisters, you can see a number of ways they each differ from the other. Jill is more skill in some of the areas where new couples need right away, while Jessa is more skilled in the large scale organization areas which a large family or business enterprise need. Jill is a better cook. Jessa, bless her heart, is minimally skilled around the stove, mixing bowls and measuring cups, and oven. She makes a point in a later episode to learn how to make Ben’s favorite meal. However in the Duggars and Mothers episode, she accidentally significantly over bakes the meal’s dinner rolls.


For the current generation where many of America’s kids have grown up in a 2 income home with both mom and dad working, more families eat basic meals out at restaurants. Secondarily, even when there are family meals eaten at home, larger percentages of the total meal are comprised of pre-made and store bought foods. They aren’t growing up learning how to cook and bake 100% from scratch. OK, you can make your meatloaf from meat already ground. I’ll cut you some slack. You don’t have to learn how to grind your own meat. But is what the meat grinder that used to be clamped to a kitchen counter in your great great grandmother’s kitchen was for.


I wouldn’t have thought that 1 of the Duggar girls wouldn’t be pretty well-skilled in the kitchen by the time she’s 14 years old, but I was wrong. Jill knows a few things, but just isn’t really at it yet.


The lesson here for all young moderns, including some of you guys, is to learn to cook. This entails being able to make full meals, breakfast, lunch, and most important, dinner for at least 2 weeks of meals where the main course isn’t repeated during that fortnight.


Alaskan Women Looking for Love Book Miami Makeovers

Alaskan Women Looking for Love Book Miami Makeovers

Our Alaskan girls have finally realized and accepted that to fit into the singles scene in Miami, they are going to have to do some waxing, and not just of their lower legs if they want to get noticed by the Men of Miami.

Heather is only 29 and looks great. But since she has an 8 year old son, she only sees how her body is imperfect and desires to cover it up.  This will never work on the beaches of Miami where all the men and women wear as little as possible and reveal their bods on the beach for optimum tanning and attraction building.  Heather worries about perfection rather than focuses on being her most attractive.

Cabb Waxing

In Alaskan no one waxes anything there. So this is all new to us.


Haley, “I was going to wax my lady parts.” The bikini

“You’re in Miami.  You have to do this all the time.

Sabina, Haley, and Lacy all opt to brave it and get the bikini waxes.

Jenn gets her legs waxed but opts out of kitty waxing.

After the waxing ordeal, they venture over to BLUSH for some clothes shopping. All the clothes are much brighter than they’re used to.

Shopping in Miami, as it turns out, is quite different than the retail shopping experience in Kodiak, AK. “You don’t get to go [clothes] shopping at all in Kodiak. You have to all your online shopping. You don’t get to try anything on. S0, by the time you get it, you’re like, ‘Great, does it fit?'”

“And it’s a month and half later, too,” adds Lacy to educate viewers about what it’s really like shopping for clothes in Kodiak.

The sales associate who helped them introduced them to the adhesive bra, which also increases your cup size just a bit.  Heather even put it on over her t-shirt and gave all the girls a laugh.  And you do need to keep your sense of humor about all the accoutrement which is available to help us look our most alluring and beautiful best.  Some things just do look funny and ridiculous.  But all women need to remember how beautiful we look already and that make up and clothes is just to “look our best.” Sometimes humor just covers up feelings of insecurity.

Tina attempts some layered fashion looks but putting on a short sleeved chartreuse top, then layering a sleeveless electric bright blue A-line mini dress over that with, yes, 2, belts over the dress, all over her blue jeans.  A lot of their first tries of what they tried on didn’t flatter them or quite work.  Which, while disheartening and you could just laugh at them all for being such sporty styled women trying on femmy revealing beach wear, is exactly how it works.  It takes a number of attempt and simply trying on a lot of clothes (thank you Stacy and Clinton) so you can start to educate your eye for what styles, colors, and texture look good on you.  By the end, Heather, Jenn, and Sabina all came out in fabulous full length beach coverage dresses.

By the time they hit the beach later that day, they are sporting giant pink beach hats (Heather and Sabina) and serious bathing suit cover ups.

A number of scenario-based Reality TV shows bring in consultants, coaches, and experts to help out the shows’ participants.  I would have loved to have seen an episode where they girls got some style coaching for a local Miami image expert (Stacy London’s Florida cousin?) to help them select some clothes, hair, and make up.

Before the end of the third episode, Heather was starting to use some eye shadow even though earlier they’d all been worried that the humidity would just melt it all off and decided “Why bother?” Sabina suggested simply not wearing any make up whatsoever. Haley thought wearing make up, “All that is for them is just a show.”

Jenn has a beau, Don, already in Alaska.  But because of her earlier younger marriage which was so constraining on her, she is a bit more commitment cautious.  Don phones and checks in with her regularly while the women are all in Miami, but he’s not pushing for exclusivity with her too fast and leaves it open to her to possibly meet other men and date while there is the Miami opportunity for finding love. They’d really only met just a few weeks before the whole Miami adventure, so it was premature to become committed and exclusive prior to traveling to Miami. Don knows she is still dating other men. “When you get back I’d really like to go out and take you fishing.” Don demonstrates how sweep me off my feet romantic Alaskan men are.  Jenn smiles knowingly to his invitation.  The romantic options might not be extensive in Alaska, but that doesn’t mean the men aren’t interested. “I haven’t met anyone yet who can keep up with me, that whole hunting and fishing thing.”

Heather is out at a mall Haagan Daz ice cream parlor with a cute purple top but with her hair up in a bit of messy “bun.” She has long fabulous hair but often seems bothered by it, typically hiding it away in braids or this top knot bun.  An attractive man is not deterred.  She is literally standing in line ordering her nosh when some nice looking man walks up behind her and just casually breaks the ice with her.  Next thing she knows, the conversation just continues.

Jason is from NY where men know how to pursue, so before they part from their casual conversation over an ice cream smoothy, he has already asked Heather out on an actual date.  Heather doesn’t tell guys about her having an 8 year old son until the second or third date.  And I gotta say, I kinda agree with that kind of a time frame.

Segue to Brunch at BALANS in Miami, and the girls are noshing their breakfast style food in an outdoor cabana.  By now, they have all femmed up a bit more with Tina, Jenn, Lacy, and Sabina all in short colorful dresses, some with youthful vibrant floral motifs and serious high heels.

Haley is in a horizontally striped sports top and bright merlot slacks.

They are all wearing a little make up and looking pretty damned good.

Heather, Sabina, Haley, and Lacy all go on dates and get things started. Where it will all lead is still wide open.



Alaskan Women Looking for Love Get a Miami Makeover

Alaskan Women Looking for Love Get a Miami Makeover

Once our fun Alaskan girls have landed in Miami and just started to get adjusted to the young hip lifestyle of the Miamians’ single scene of expensive bottles of drinks at the trendiest dance clubs and young women getting dolled up in body hugging and revealing clothes every night, they have a kibbitz around on the couches lounging.

“They are some gorgeous girls here, and we’ve got some crazy competition,” reflects Tina, the Lady Welder. The Alaskan women are starting to realize they need to ramp up their images to ramp up their dating game to get the guys.

Miami Challenge #1: It’s more humid here. How do the women combat sweating and looking oily faced all night?

“I don’t understand how the girls do it here, like, you go out. It’s super humid out. They’re walking around like they’re still perfect. Do they have a secret crew?” ponders Haley.

While I’m not targeting the makeup trends of Miami, the resident women there have likely found the make up like minerals based make up which retains a matte finish for longer. And yes, they likely do either reapply lipstick or use the longer lasting lipsticks of recent years to maintain their fabulous appearance for longer during the night.  This is why there are purse-sized compacts for retouching foreheads, chins, and noses during an evening out on the town.


“Did you notice how shiny and smooth they all were? There’s like no body hair on them,” quips Sabina.

waxing, leg waxing, wax legs


“I don’t think the long hair on my legs is very attractive,” chimes in Jen petting her leg hair that shows above her fishing boots, that, yes, she is wearing with a beach dress while lounging in their living room. When you live in deep winter terrain, shaving your legs like you’ll be wearing mini-skirts all the time is just not part of the daily self-care regime for girls up North.

“You’ve got to wax,” advises Tina. To which all the Alaskan women look at her eyes wide open and mouths agape.  If you don’t live in a major metro area with high caliber beauty salons, the personal hygiene method of dilapatory waxing might not even be on your radar screen.

“I want to try to fit into here.  We’re here to find love and we’re not going to do it looking weird.” Words of wisdom and pragmatism from Tina.

The girls start to realize it’s time for waxing, and not just their lower legs in order to be bikini ready in Miami.