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Hot Los Angeles NYE 2018 Ball Bash for Singles Over 40 (Studio City)

Hot Los Angeles NYE 2018 Ball Bash for Singles Over 40 (Studio City)

The folks who used to bring the Over 40 midlife singles and couple’s crowd for socializing in the over 40s and 50s 50+ crowd run an annual mega New Year’s Eve dance event in Studio City, CA, for people over 40. This is their sixth straight year. Last yea at the 2017 New Year’s Eve party, they had over 500 people attending, a nice mix of singles and couples.  So, it offers a great socializing opportunity without it becoming a meat market a la the singles’ scenes of yore.

Dance in the New Year in Los Angeles

Singles, now couples, do actually meet at this event. I’m always being countered with my plethora of ideas for how to meet singles at midlife with, “Yeah, and how many couples do you know who met that way?” Well, if you click through to their website www.bestover40nyepartyinla.com, you’ll hear the love story of one such midlife couple who met at last year’s New Year’s Eve dance bash soiree!

They feature:

We offer a three course sit down dinner in a beautifully decorated ballroom featuring a salad, choice of a salmon, chicken, vegetarian dish or steak platter and dessert, coffee and tea. 

We have two bands playing non-stop music (Oldies, rock n’ roll, disco, salsa, ballroom, contemporary) all night long for dancing and listening pleasure.

The venue is in Studio City, CA. For further information: 818-554-2262

It’s a very nice mix of singles, couples, as well as married couples all in that midlife category having a great time socializing, dancing, and ringing in the New Year!

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