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Online Dating Expert – Singles Dating – Assessing for Your Week Ahead

Online Dating Expert – Singles Dating – Assessing for your week ahead

To follow up on my post about Assess for the Week Ahead, I recommended the singles dating Best Practice of evaluate your activities.  What that means is for you to reflect on the activities you pursue, how often you do them, with whom you do them, where you pursue them, and

When you have not been on many dates in the past week, month… longer, then BEFORE you date the person you’re going to marry or life partner with,  FIRST you need to start to build up some Dating Momentum.  DATING and the state of regularly GOING ON DATES needs to become your new habit, your new normal state of being.  What does that mean?  YES, DO date single men and single women to whom you are ATTRACTED.  However, when your dating social life is a barren wasteland (just for now… ) then you need to START in reality and move from there.

OK, so if you‘ve been reading my blog faithfully for the past oh, like 7 months since I started it, and IMPLEMENTING my suggestions, you are already DATING.  You are going out on dates.  Dating has become your new normal practice and habit.

Once you are indeed Going Out On Dates, then you are in Phase 2:  Dating Mode.

Dating Mode
You’re going on dates.
You’re meeting new singles, they’re good, haven’t quite met someone you wanted to see beyond a coupla dates, but you’ve got some energy and momentum going.


Now is the time to assess.

Assess how you are doing with being in Dating Mode. Ask yourself these questions:


I’m meeting lots of people daily.
I’m practicing my social small talk.
I’m good.

When the answer to those three questions is “Yes.”

So NOW ask yourself, am I meeting RELATIONSHIP CALIBER potential singles?

Is you answer

Yes… but….

Well then switch things around with your activities.

In Marketing terms, you are starting out with broad market appeal.

Now is the time to start exploring some SINGLES DATING NICHE markets.

  • Ivy League/7 Sisters
  • Hispanic
  • Interracial
  • Asian
  • Gamers
  • Book Lovers
  • Dog Lovers

Get cracking.  Have fun.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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