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Online Dating Coach and Dating Expert – Easy Dating Tips for the Weekend

Online Dating Coach and Dating Expert – Easy Dating Tips for the Weekend


OK, so now I am actually HOME and happily ensconced on my own couch having returned from Dave Lakhani’s Speaker event. I originally met Dave via Motivational Speaker Kevin Hogan I am back in the saddle, drinking my beloved Peets coffee and looking at my social calendar.  Yeah, yeah, with me right now, that means I may be headed out of town again. However, in the meantime, time to go out on some more dates.

What about you? Are you a single guy or single gal? Are you in a romantic relationship?  Or do you want to be?

How is your singles dating life going?

Well….It’s Wednesday. What’re your social plans for this weekend?

If you don’t HAVE any social plans yet for this weekend, then it is time to get cracking! (Don’t make me whump you upside your cyber head, ok?)

You can start with a fabulous Thursday night Girls Night Out for drinks. Go out with a group of your girlfriends, keeping the group to about 3-4 friends, so you are an approachable SIZED group for single men.

1.   Sit at the little tables up near the bar where you are VISIBLE and there is ROOM to easily interact with you.

2.  DO flirt with the men at the table next to you.

3.  Go up to the bar one at a time to order and wait for your drinks, breaking yourself away from your female Herd so single men can SEE and PERCEIVE you.

4. While you are at the bar ordering and waiting for your fabulous cocktail, DO flirt with and lightly interact with the men there.  Just a few flitting little sentences. “Oh that looks good! what is it?” “Oh pardon me, can I squeeze in here to order a drink? Thank you! Such a gentleman!”

Any light little flirting femmy words which you can get out of your mouth, DO!

And if you are thinking, “Oh April, but maybe I don’t want to pick those men up….” and then you’re thinking, “So, I won’t flirt.”


This is not about picking up THOSE particular men.

This is about YOU developing a HABIT of flirting to be successful with men wherever you go.

Go ahead and make plans today for tomorrow evening!

Have fun!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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  • Eva Palmer January 3, 2010, 1:46 PM

    I always learn so much about dating customs in the US. It is very different here in Spain.

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