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Online Dating Coach – A WHIRLWIND of Dating Tips and Advise and Activity

Online Dating Coach – A WHIRLWIND of Dating Tips and Advise and Activity

Yup.  We are INTO the Holiday Season now, aren’t we?

December 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd.

Tomorrow will be Christmas.

Well, almost, but it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?

There is such a whirlwind of activity.  Holiday parties, Christmas soirees, Christmas Shopping.  You name it.

So leverage it.

I will be in Las Vegas this coming weekend.  It will be a whirlwind of activity.  However, since I KNOW that, I am planning ahead for what I want and need to get done.

How about you and your dating life?  People are SO open to talking casually with strangers right now.  At Starbucks.  At Peets as we take our breaks from our extensive Christmas shopping.  So, look around you and TALK with them.  I am always hearing from nervous singles about how that doesn’t WORK for them.  Perhaps they are taking too strong an immediate results approach.  I don’t know.  Those who are my online dating coaching clients,  indeed, we do an extensive assessment and work out dating and relationship strategies for them.  without being there, my expert guess is that you are moving too quickly from conversation practice to dating results.  (sort of like jumping to intercourse with no foreplay…. it MIGHT work, then again, it might NOT).

So, approach people, especially those of the opposite sex, casually.  Your initial goal is to converse.  Take a goal of something like, “Today I will converse for 3 sentences, maybe more, with at least 5 members of the opposite sex.” (Or same sex if that’s your thing. no problem.  the dynamic is just a bit different.)  Do that each day this week.  Once you are successful each day meeting and stretching yourself to converse with 5 members of the opposite sex, then stretch yourself to where it is is 7 and then 10 people.  practice, practice, practice.

This is part of your foundational work.  Of course you are PICKY and DISCERNING when it comes down to dating for mating purposes.  Today and this week, it is just PRACTICE.  They are in front of you and behind you in line for coffee.  They are the one who pass you the half-and-half for you coffee.  (“Would you please pass me the half-and-half when you are finished?  Thank you.”)  They are the one who hands you the napkin.  OK, that is 4 people right there.  Hold the door for a few women as you go in and out, smile and say, “You’re welcome.” And you have about 6 right there.

Ladies, make sure YOU are saying THANK YOU to the gentleman!  This is for both the single men and the single women out there.

OK.  Go!

And then report back here at the blog what you are doing and where you are practicing this.  Coffee shops.  Department stores.  Book stores.  Let us know from the dating trenches where YOU are!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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