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More MOVING Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES from Your Romance Coach

More MOVING Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES from Your Romance Coach

Yup.  Another Easy Dating Tip from your Romance Coach and Online Dating Coach.  Perhaps you were worried that  I had, eek, RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooooo noooooo, say it ain’t so!!!

No worries.  I got a million of ’em.  With me, my clients are NEVER in a dating rut with NOTHING they can do on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday to GO MEET MORE PEOPLE and GET DATES or GET MORE DATES.

Yesterday I encouraged you to go try a YOGA class to get a romantic date.

Now, I mainly talked to MEN about doing this for meeting Da Ladies.

However, and here’s your bonus freebie (free on top of free, is what?  Uber Free?) because this blog is going to be an other Easy Dating Tip, other than about Yoga.

So, as a bonus, the thing is, ladies, YOU can take Yoga Classes to meet MEN, too.  It’s not just The Reverse of yesterday.

Part of the point of TRY SOMETHING new and stretching yourself (HAD to say it, we’re talking about Yoga, right?) is to do something a bit different than what is 100% you you you SO you can meet someone WITH WHOM YOU HAVE CHEMISTRY.

If they are IDENTICAL to you, no chemistry, no fun, no surging passion.  And I don’t know about you, but I have GOT to have some surging PASSION in MY romantic relationships.

So ladies, if Yoga is not quite YOUR THING what you NORMALLY DO, then for YOU to take a Yoga class IS a stretch.  And you might meet some nice man who is working on loosening up his hockey thighs.

That was my OVER DELIVERY part since this is a FREE Easy Dating Tips Advise Blog, where other Romance Coaches will actually CHARGE you for the pleasure of reading their articles so you could actually get a sense of would I want to work with YOU in particular.  I’ve learned all about Over Delivery from MR. Over Delivery Himself, Motivational Speaker, Master of Persuasion, Kevin Hogan.

Now for the real point of this blog.

Yup.  More MOVING.  It’s Summer Time.  I am all about GETTING OUT, GETTING MOVING, Lookin Good!  and GETTING HEALTHY.


Around here we have Absolute Adventures.

Join a Hiking Club.Cycling.Scrabblers who Blog.  Kettlebelling.  Ju Jitsu.  Chi Gung.  Tae Kwan Do. Kirate.  TreadMillsRUs. Jogging.  Power Walkers.  Marathon Runners.  Triathlon Training.  Volley Ball.  Beach Volley Ball.  Volley Ball at the Park.  Tennis.  Baseball.  Softball.  Frisbee Golf.  Swimming.  Golf  (where’s John?).  Basketball.  Street Hockey (cause it’s gonna be a long long summer without the NHL!).

See what I mean?

Even if you just try a day or two of each, that’s enough for the next 6-9 months for your calendar.  Because of course, with ALL of these Easy Dating Tips, you are going to mix ’em up and do some different things at different times, right?

Enjoy and have fun.  Remember to bring your 35+ Sunscreen, Right?

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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