Sexual Assault Victim LA Woman Sues to Screen Out Sex Criminals

by April Braswell on May 4, 2011

Sexual Assault Victim LA Woman Sues to Screen Out Sex Criminals

With all the headlines recently about the sexually assaulted Los Angeles Entertainment attorney who was attacked by her date who she’d met via on their second date, as well as the case of the Irvine man convicted of raping two women in what has become known as the Millionaire Match Rape case, premier paid dating sites are now screening dating profiles against the national database of public sex offender registries.

Dating Control

Dating Control and Safety has now instituted the policy of indeed screening all new members.   States like Texas already require similar screenings for dating sites which accept members who reside in Texas.  Marcus Find, CEO and founder of Plenty of Fish, discusses this in his dating industry blog post of May 1 and the other states considering similar legislation.  The potential impact to the online matchmaking industry is quite significant.  The possible risk exposure for Facebook alone, Find calculates would be literally in the billions of dollars.

What does this mean now for singles who are meeting at online dating sites?

  • Know what your sites do:  Know what the screening policies and behaviors are of the sites which you use.  Become familiar with them and what the screening covers.  Is it a full background check?  Is it a check against the public sex offenders registries.  Being aware if forearmed for the quality of the people you meet and for protecting your personal safety.
  • Understand the limitations:  Understand some of the limitations of what the screenings they perform provide so you do not harbor a false sense of safety.  Just because someone is not on a public sex offenders registry does not mean they aren’t a financial scam artist and won’t try to con you in some manner.
  • You’re not now perfectly protected:  Because someone is not a scam artist or sex offender doesn’t mean they might not be jerks and idiots, aka time wasting players who are two-timing you the entire time you think you’re courting.  Not every single wants or is seeking a monogamous committed exclusive relationship.  Some people are perfectly happy being involved with multiple people.  Just don’t lie about it to your dates.  Singles will often go to great expense over a number of months creating a relationship and household together.

The more you know and the more you make singles safety behaviors your smart dating habits through the first several dates with singles you meet via online dating and social networking sites, the better equipped you are to date and to form lasting love relationships.





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