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Lent and Easter Dating Tip for Christian Singles

Lent and Easter Dating Tip for Christian Singles

Now that the Season of Lent is fully underway, this can be a great time to remind Christian and Catholic Singles of a simple dating tip for meeting other Christians in a casual manner while under the auspices of church.


You might be attending church at an Evangelical church, or perhaps a non-denominational Christian church.  That’s fine.  The strategy of this Christian singles dating tip applies to you as well.  You can still take the principle of the strategy of this dating tip for Christian singles and use it in your walk of faith life.


Christian Dating Tip:  Do Attend a Lenten Bible Study

Now, some of the liturgical Christian churches will use the season of Lent to do an Adult Study on a Christian book, not necessarily a study directly of the Scriptures or a Bible Study, often of a slightly darker nature.  This is the time when Jesus Christ was in the wilderness.  This is, how shall we put it, less perky time within the Christian life.  Often the studies will reflect on the Struggles in the Christian life, or some such note as that.  So this is not exactly the perfect time to be HITTING on your sistren and brethren Christians.


If you are at an Evangelical church, or one of the non-denominational churches, you may instead find that this season there are special Bible study groups forming to reflect on and study the Word of God.  Poke around a little online to identify a few of the churches nearby you where you feel there is a spiritual alignment and affinity with the doctrine and beliefs of your own faith and church.  A little variety within a Christian marriage is one thing and certainly beneficial and likely.  However, you won’t want to pursue a romantic relationship with someone whose core values disagree with your own.  Doctrinal discussion is one thing.  Doctrinal diatribes and massive disagreements about the core tenets of your faith with your spouse is another thing entirely.  That would be treading on “Do not ye be unequally yoked.”  Really, it also makes a lot of sense.  It would just be unbelievably messy to live with and contend with on, frankly, a daily basis in marriage.


However, you can use the device of the study to make a point to attend perhaps a different church of your denomination to branch out and meet more Christians.  Not just meeting the Christians at your own church.  This really is a perfectly sound thing to do and Biblically based.  I used to joke about the need to do this after my late husband died.  At the time, I was a member of a medium-sized church in the San Francisco Bay area.  I would say,  “There are 2 single Christian men at my church…. and one of them IS my brother!”  I say joke about it, because often we as Christians will use the term “sister” or “brother” to refer to as like an honorific another Christian.  So both the two single Christian men were my “Brothers in Christ Jesus.”  HOWEVER, oye!  One of them really was MY BROTHER!  So, yes, the pickings were slim!  If I was going to be dating any nice Christian men, I would have to do a little something.  Take action!


Well, I say that this tip is Biblically based because we do see this principle applied in Scripture.  In fact, Jews can lean on this puppy, too!  Because the story from The Bible to which I refer was in the Jewish part of the Bible (aka The Old Testament, which btw is slightly offensive to someone who is Jewish….  but that’s for a different day):  Abraham sending his servant to scout out a suitable wife of his faith for his son Isaac.  They weren’t all of the same Sabbath table.  They didn’t go to Shul or Temple together.  To find the right girl for him, Abraham’s servant went to another faith community location where they knew they were of the same faith.


Sooooooo, you see my point here.  I have no need to belabor this puppy to you.  Just, follow the principle.  Use the strategy to mix things up a little bit and some new Christians of like and aligned beliefs.  Yah nevah know just where you’ll meet God’s intended for you.  By expanding the circle of Christians who are acquainted with you, you speed the day!


Happy Dating and Relationships,


April Braswell


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  • Desiree Marshall

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. Christian singles do need to take action and not just wait for God to do something for them. I really enjoy reading your posts April.

  • April, you bring up a great point, you never know where you are going to meet someone who could be great for you.. even if they go to the church next door to your own church.
    Scott Sylvan Bell

  • Thanks for the reminder to shake the day-to-day routine up a little bit.
    Dewayne Chriswell

  • The concept of “you never know….” is truly interesting. I know that I always rolled my eyes whenever my mother, a dear Christian woman, wanted to introduce me to “a fine Christian young man.”

    And then I learned yesterday that Donald Trump had been the one to introduce his oldest son to his future bride. His son had had no intentions of getting married at the time. And The Donald had actually said, “This is the woman you should marry.” Donald Jr said that for the first 6 months he and his future bride kept laughing about how awkward that first meeting was….and then finally agreed that it was true…they WERE meant for each other!

    Sonya Lenzo

  • Love the story about one of the Christian singles being your brother!

  • Peggy Larson

    You make me chuckle, April! That’s great advice because one does “never know.” So did you meet any eligible fellows at not-your-brother’s-church? Inquiring minds want to know!
    Peggy Larson

  • Rachel Robinson

    April, you are so right! People can be afraid to put themselves out there and step outside of their comfort zone. This provides a perfect opportunity to do just that and study the Bible at the same time!

    Leadership Is A Choice

  • It’s interesting how many people of faith that I know have the idea that they are going to be “led to” or “shown the way” as they sit around waiting for their “soulmate” to just show up. Thanks for the reminder that we have to keep our eyes open and put forth some effort – “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.”


  • Hi April!
    You always have so many tips about dating! it’s true, people usually always go to the same church and I think that it is not only positive to meet new people, but also maybe to learn or to listen another point of view!

  • April,
    I love you that you are able to give such relevant and useful tips to so many different people. I know the Christian community is lucky to have you as one it’s members.

    Jen Battaglino
    Personalized Empowerment – It’s Your Success

  • Sometimes (actually quite often!) one loses site as to how great it is to be married for 30 years!

  • I like how you shared about the slim pickings at your church and needing to venture out to find another church. So often we get so set in our ways and then complain that we can’t get what we want.

    Thanks for demonstrating an easy way to make a positive change.


  • It would be fascinating to see what percentage of people who do go to Church functions end up getting married to someone they met there vs. say people they met at work.

  • Trisha Chambers

    Being a single Christian must be a hard thing in this day and age. I agree, mix it up! Great post!

  • This is great advice for the Christian looking to meet another Christian. Who would have thought Lenten Bible study would be a great place to meet singles?

    Steve C

  • April,

    I am always impressed with how you always incorporate such a wonderful mix of humor and education into your posts. Great job!

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  • Dan

    What a great idea for meeting more Cahtolic singles like me. So many services and activities to choose from, your dating blog is absolutely fantastic! You have lots of great information and inspiration for singles.

  • And we sure have a lot of Christians here in South Carolina!

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