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Online Dating Coaching for Guys: 3 Keys to Great Profile Photos

Online Dating Coaching for Guys: 3 Keys to Great Profile Photos

Internet Dating Coach Tips for Men: 3 Keys for Singles Sites Profile Pictures

Website Dating Advice for Guys: 3 Key Tips to Great Profile Photographs

Coaching for Single Men: 3 Keys for Great Profile Pics


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Is He Really Tall Dark and Handsome?

Single guys, listen to all the single ladies and the complaints about your online dating profiles. One of the top criticisms I hear from single women with the men who post their singles profiles at the online dating sites is that their dating profile photos are awful.


Great Dating Profile Photo Tips for Guys: #1 Do Spiff Up

Just like you will dress up a bit for the first date, even if you still want to look quite casual, I do recommend that you spiff up your look for your singles site dating profile photographs.


Even if you are a guy just in your 20s and you only want a less serious romantic relationship and are not yet looking for a marriage life partner, you do want to look your best in your website dating profile photos.


And for the senior singles who would look much too formal and too serious if you wore a suit in your most of your pictures, do still plan that you will dress up a bit.  If you are under 65 years old, generally I want you to wear something dressier than your ubiquitous tropical print shirt. Spiff it up a bit and you will make your best first impression online.


Read on to learn what to emphasize or lose out on her responding to your peril…


Great Dating Profile Photo Tips for Guys: #2 Put the Focus on Your Face

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Internet Dating Profile Photo Single Guy

For your primary singles site profile photo you want to use a digital photograph that is what is called a Head and Shoulders shot.  You want the photograph to cut you about mid-chest.  Your head, neck and shoulders will display.

 Guys, emphasize your manly shoulders!

Guys, we do want to include your shoulders here.  They are one of your most masculine attributes.  Emphasize them. If you can, where at least a sports jacket which will emphasize the width of your masculine shoulders. Your shoulders are broader than women’s shoulders are.  We find them very attractive on you, so show them off, subtly of course!


At the singles dating online web site, when you upload your primary profile photo, most of the dating websites software will crop your photo automatically in some way to have it fit into their search results display.


In order for you to still look good in that array of photographs to the single women looking at the search results, you want that the photo already has a good focus on your face. That will put you to your best advantage when the photographs display to her when she looking at all the bachelor guys at the website.


Read on to discover how you can get her to IMAGINE  and DESIRING to be your date just from your profile…


Great Dating Profile Photo Tips for Guys: #3 Display a Hobby

Attraction development for women is a bit different than how it does for guys.


Guys, you already know, if you’re attracted to a girl physically right away, you’re interested in dating her, right?


For women, we do want men who are good looking.


However, while is looks are important to us, they aren’t the be all and end all they can be for guys.  Women are looking for a boyfriendBeautiful girls and women  want a relationship.


She’s looking for a companion to share her life with and to share some of your life with.

Getting to the first date is the number one goal of internet dating!

What does that mean for you?

To appeal to her desire for a relationship and a companion, do display just a little bit of what that lifestyle would look like in your dating profile photos. If you wrote that you like to go hiking, include a photograph of yourself on a hiking trail. Let her imagine herself hiking along with you some Saturday afternoon.  Now you also have a great future date option to suggest after the two of you have met for a great first date.

As you implement these tips into your internet dating profile, then you’ll notice a definite improvement in the responses you get from the girls at the dating sites.  Your photos will look better and display that you’re looking for a real girlfriend.  When you do that, you’re already 75% of the way to the first date.  And getting to the first date is the number one goal of internet dating!


Happy Dating and Relationships,


April Braswell

Dating and Relationship Expert

As seen in Dating for Dummies, 3rd Edition

April leads Internet Dating Success Workshops for singles of all ages in throughout California. To hear about her future workshops, just sign up for her ezine in the Right Hand Column of her popular Relationship Dating Expert blog.


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