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Kevin Hogan’s Invisible Influence Delivers Higher Sales Records and Better Relationships

First, know that this review is a little bit biased which those of you who have been avid readers of my site and blog over the years will already have seen Dr. Hogan’s photo around my website. I am already an avid fan of anything Kevin Hogan has written ever since a girlfriend who was a Sales VP in San Francisco lent me her copy of The Psychology of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Your Way Of Thinking [If you’re in Sales and Marketing at all, you’ll want your own copy for your book library.]. Not only was it chuck full of super intelligent sales help, it was also practical. I could immediately go use it and apply it in the Real World of sales, directly with leads and prospects, turning them into customers. Which, of course, is exactly what I did in successful career in Sales in Silicon Valley.

That unique combination of super intelligent material framed with Real World ways you could immediately and practically use it in your sales career has been a Kevin Hogan Hallmark. I resonated with how he took academic research and translated into applicable persuasion tactics for sales professionals from all walks of life, including those relationships in our families.

Invisible Influence delivers that same experience. Only this time, unlike all too many authors who just regurgitate the same material over and over again, just with a different frame, here in Invisible Influence, Dr. Hogan delivers brand new material. He constantly reads Social Psychology academic journals studying human behavior and what we really do, not what we say we will do, and then again, delivers the best of that to us in practical ways we can immediately use it.

In Chapter 1 on Intentional Reality, the material and exercise on developing and bettering your own expectant mind will impact both your sales quota attainment and surpassing this quarter alone. It will also benefit you in your romantic sphere, as well. Hence my making a point to include it here at my website on influence and persuasion in all spheres of life.

Whether you love her or hate her, you will love the material in Chapter 3 on Kim Kardashian‘s Connectors and sound and names will intrigue you and reveals some fascinating influence triggers which you can use either in business selling or personal romance situations.

As if Invisible Influence was already chock full of cutting edge content that you can use to increase your sales this quarter, Dr. Hogan offers us “A 10-Step Influence Template” at the end of the book to make our influence and selling lives even easier.

If you are business owner, buy a copy for every salesperson in your sales force. If you’re a sales manager, buy copies for everyone on your team and watch your quarterly quota surpassing sore.

April Braswell
As seen in Dating For Dummies and DatingAdvice.com Midlife Dating Expert Columnist

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