Integrity in Dating: Online Dating Profiles Petite Women Abound

by April Braswell on October 26, 2011

Integrity in Dating: Online Dating Profiles Petite Women Abound

Integrity in Dating: Internet Dating Personal Ads Abundance of Short Women

Dating with Integrity Online: Internet Matchmaking Sites with a Plethora of Short Single Women

Internet Dating with Integrity: Are All the Single Women Online Truly That Short?


Dating With Integrity Online: Internet Dating Expert Warns, Single Women May Shrink The Truth

When you’re a single man searching the online dating profiles at your favorite singles internet dating site, just as it seems like from reading all the internet personals ads profiles that all the single guys are tall and over 6 feet tall, so at first glance all the single women are short or petite.  According to leading internet dating site OkCupid their study shows women are shrinking the truth in response to single men’s desire to date single women who are shorter than the single guys are.


Internet Dating Profiles Truths: Tall Women Off of Search Radar

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Smiling Couple on a First Date

What is the problem?  The issue for tall single women looking for love online is that a lot of the love seeking single men set their Dating Profile Search Criteria criteria based on height, just like you probably did in your Online Dating Site Saved Searches.


So if you are a single lady seeking love online and you are not only over 5 feet 9 (This is how tall supermodel and television show host of Bravo TV’s Project Runway Heidi Klum is) but perhaps you are as tall as 6 feet tall or even taller.

Internet Dating Profiles Truths:  Short Women Get More Emails Than Tall Women

According to OKCupid‘s study the single short women received 60 more contacts per annum than their taller single sister women counterparts.  What are you to do so that you show in the internet dating site searches of single men that all the guys are doing?


Essentially the majority of online dating single, seeking, and available men are just simply passing you by.  Your dating profile might be amazing, but you are simply not on their dating search radar screen.


Internet Dating Profiles Truths: First Date False Fronts

And then oh yeah, hi heels.  When you show up on the First Date towering over them and wearing your fashionable hi heels, they will know in nano-seconds that you didn’t just fib a little in your online dating profile but that you overtly outright lied to them and were very specifically aiming to mislead them.


How will you ever get to a second date with overt lying in your Internet Matchmaking Dating Profile as the foundation for a relationship?  He might still buy you a drink, but it will be just 1 drink and he will be looking to turn around and leave, exit stage right, as soon as he possibly can.


The fact that you lied in your dating profile gives him grounds to behave like a cad and simply turn and leave as soon as he meets you.  When you avoid being short on lies and long on truth in your online dating profile, you may get fewer first dates, but you’ll increase your chances at attracting a serious relationship. Now that’s dating with integrity online!


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