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Integrity in Dating: Online Dating Profiles How Old Are Your Profile Photos?

Integrity in Dating: Online Dating Profiles How Old Are Your Profile Photos?

Integrity in Dating:  Internet Personal Ads How Old Are Your Internet Dating Profile’s Photographs

Internet Dating Photos:  How the Dating Websites Know Your Photos Age

Online Dating Profile Photos:  How the Web Dating Sites Know Your Photos Age

Computer Dating Profile Photos:  How the Singles Sites Know Your Photos Age

Technology of digital cameras actually will tell the internet dating websites where you have your photographs posted how old the profile photo is. So the internet matchmaking sites do know precisely the age of your online dating profile photographs.  All of the internet dating sites encourage singles to post only photos which are recent photos of you.  However, how recent really is recent and what is the big deal anyway?


Internet Dating Photos From Over 30 Years Ago Are Not the Issue

I’ve already been discussing the issue of using photographs in your dating profile which are from your high school prom or college homecoming dance parties sporting the dress, image, and embarrassing styles of the fashion world of more than 20 years ago and all too likely those of 30 plus years ago.  I’m not talking about those photos from a quarter century ago in your life nor even those of your DMV photographs.


I’m opening up the topic of using Recent Photos of you in your dating profiles.


Now the issue is and the reason why you want to be considering this and managing the age of your online dating profile photos is because this is your internet personals ad.  When you are seeking a serious romantic relationship via an internet personals ad, then you want to put your best foot forward, but the actual foot you have right now, not your fashion foot from a prior decade.


Internet Dating Photos Age Recency: When It Doesn’t Really Matter For You

For those singles over 40 years old, 50 years old, and 60 years old versus those singles in their 20s and 30 years old or so.  When you are 44 years old, how you looked at 42 years old unless you’ve seriously altered the color or style of your hair, using a few photos of yourself from 2 years ago in your online dating profile is probably really perfectly fine.


Internet Dating Photos Age Recency:  Who It Does Matter For

However, when you are 20 years old, how you look, style and dress now versus when you are 21 years old and 22 years old really can be a massive difference in how you really look and come across to others.  According to the OkCupid study provocative bathing suit clad photos in particular, which I also cite as always a mistake to share online at the internet dating sites, have been shown to typically be quite out-of-date coming from singles.


Internet Dating Photos: Your Image Is Your Self-Advertising Message

Provocative Online Dating Profile Photos, Internet Dating Profile Photo, Smiling Brunette Girl,

Smile Woman

I’ll tell you right now, it is already abundantly unwise to share provocatively clad photos online with strangers.  Why?  Because when what you want and are seeking is a long term serious relationship, then your bathing suit photos are sending and advertising the wrong message for you.


When you’re a single seeking a serious relationship with with a single who is a quality woman or man, then you’ll want to both avoid sharing bathing suit or inadvertently provocative photos of you as well as do include posting recent flattering photographs of yourself, preferably taken by a professional photographer from LookBetterOnline.


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Happy Dating and Relationships,



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Internet Dating and Relationship Expert

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