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How to Select Your First Date Meal Without Gaining Weight

How to Select Your First Date Meal Without Gaining Weight

How You Can Select Your First Date Meal Without Putting on Weight

How You and Your Date Want to Select Your First Date Meal Without Weight Gain

How You Select Your First Date Meal Without Putting Weight On

Ways to Select Your First Date Meal Without Adding Excess Weight

With the advent of Internet Dating moving into the mainstream, moderns single men and women are going on a lot more First Dates Social networking sites and online dating website usage has jet propelled their singles social lives. Going on all of the increased quantity of First Dates has lead more singles then to eating multiple dinner meals out each each.  However, if you’re eating dinner out more than 2 nights per week, you run the risk of putting on weight, jeopardizing your attractiveness with the opposite sex.

What are some practical strategies you can apply to First Date menu selection to keep the calories down and avoid putting on weight? LA’s leading internet dating expert shares tips and insights to empower singles for peak attraction while looking for love online and enjoying great First Dates!

Attractive Singles Couple Flirting

Couple Flirting on First Date

If you’ve managed to publish a great internet dating profile and started searching for love and your Soul Mate at the singles dating websites, congratulations to you! You’re taking action to improve your chances at finding love. Using the popular internet personals ads sites is an excellence option where singles of all ages are finding their life partner.

Once you find a few prospective dates and start exchanging messages, within a few of your great conversational messages, the two of you find that you have sufficient mutual attraction and interest that you’re both interested in meeting for a first date. He asks her out and for her phone number. She responds yes she’d be delighted and gives him her mobile phone number. He phones to work out the logistics of the first date. They both dress to impress for first date success. They arrive, flirt and greet.

As the two of you are sitting down at the table where your wait person seated you, you smile, ask for a glass of water each, and then you each open the menu and start to peruse your options.

You glance your eyes over the photos of the meal options and your eyes bulge out slightly in response. Oh my goodness! The portion size of American restaurants is quite massive. If you were to actually eat the whole meal, plus perhaps share an appetizer together, you would be eating more than the calories recommended to you to consume in one whole day, let alone at the sitting for one meal.

What are you to do? Is there something you can say or do to display social poise and self-assured confidence while putting your date at ease? Indeed, you can breath exhale a sigh of relief because yes there is.

First of all, do you really need an appetizer? Maybe you don’t. If you avoid the majority of selections in the appetizer menu, you’ll avoid many deep fat fried starchy foods.

Instead, focus on the entre selection of the main course dishes. Pasta can be very caloric and too filling for a date. Plus the man runs the risk of getting the sauce on your tie and the lady to spill that on your dress. Better to focus on the simpler meat selections with minimal sauce. The sauce is often where there are a lot of hidden meal calories. Peruse the beef, poultry, pork, seafood, and lamb options which are served grilled.

Singles Bite to Eat of Food Healthy Options

Healthy Food Options

Green leafy salads can often be an excellent choice if you have an option to add beef, chicken, or shrimp on top of the fresh greens to round out the dish with the addition of a protein component. Watch the salad dressing selections for calorie laden dressings. Optimally request your dressing be served on the side so you can dip your fork tips into the dressing for just a taste as you enjoy mouthful of greens for dinner with your date.

Before you place your dinner order, reflect on the side dishes which come along with your main course. White rice, steak fries, and mashed potatoes offer the lowest nutritional value for your calories. Instead, look for options of cole slaw, sliced tomatoes, steamed vegetables, and brown rice featured and request those.

Lastly, when you meal does arrive, take a real look at it. Consider simply cutting your main dish in half and pushing it aside for the time being. Keep sipping your water throughout the meal. In all likelihood, with the great flirtations and conversation exchange you’ll have with your new date, you’ll find you are full before you even know it. At the end of the meal, just request a to-go container for the remainder of your meal. Take to the office for lunch.

By following these expert dating advice first date menu managing guidelines, as you pursue finding love online, you’ll maintain the fit body you have now! And what could be more attractive than that!

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  • just call me patricia June 13, 2014, 2:00 AM

    I don’t want to get fat. The meal size portions are too big in America. Why can’t they be more like in Europe?

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