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How to Make Every Day Feel Like Valentines Day

How to Make Every Day Feel Like Valentines Day

How to Make Each Feel Like Valentines Day

How to Make All Days Special Like Valentines Day

How to Make Each Day Romantic Like Valentines Day

How to Fill Each Day with Romance Like Valentines Day

Making your spouse feel special every day of the year…

Romantic Couple, Marriage, Nuptials, Wedding, Romance, RelationshipMarried couples who have been married for awhile are often looking for ways to enhance and refresh their marriage relationshipHusbands and wives lives are so busy with modern life that keeping the romance fresh, vital, and alive in their marriage can be quite a challenge.  Discover here some tips to keep your marriage revitalized, intimate, and loving by aiming to make every and any day feel like St. Valentine’s Day.


Just what does make Valentines Day so special?

Valentines Day can feel special because it is day which our culture has set aside to celebrate romantic loveCouples go to extra efforts to inject intimacy, celebration, and romance into that special day and in particular to woo their partner with romantic treats.


“You can inject romantic treats into your daily lives without breaking the bank….”


If Valentines Day is about special romantic treats celebrating romantic love, how can you and your spouse do that every day?

Couples will often invest a significant part of their spending budget into how the two of them celebrate Valentines Day.  Your Valentines Day celebration can include a special romantic getaway trip which can become quite pricing.  This article and the ideas it contains to make every day a celebration of romance in your marriage is not going to suggest you spend like that every day.  Don’t worry.  You can inject romantic treats into your daily lives without breaking the bank. Not every date needs to be going out for an expensive meal. Couples crave a variety of shared activities and connecting dates to foster intimacy and romance long term.  Vary what the two of you go do.


Do make cut out hearts to sprinkle on your bed.

You can write a special romantic love note to include in your spouse’s lunch bag or brief case. Alternatively, slip a special note with a single line or two of romantic poetry handwritten by you into their gym sneakers to discover when they arrive at the gym for their daily workout.


Do retain the romance by keeping things varied in what you do, what you give, and when you give your gifts

Part of what makes Valentines Day so wonderful is that feeling of what you two are doing is a little bit special.  So to do that, you want to make sure to avoid your behaviors and tidbits becoming predictable or pedantic.  How can you refrain from that feeling?  By mixing things up and varying it a little bit.  Vary the poet you cite.  Vary the location of your note.  Don’t include a handwritten note every day.  Maybe it is a note card today and tomorrow it is a single piece of his favorite dark chocolate covered raspberry creme candy. (See’s Chocolates for me, please! And Pink Roses!)


Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell


As seen in “In Touch Weekly” and in Dating for Dummies, 3rd Edition

April Braswell is a Professional Speaker who speaks to couples ministries and singles in Singles Groups and Divorce Recovery Groups as well as at Singles Dating Workshops and Singles ConferencesHire April to speak at your Women’s Conference?


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  • Launetta June 13, 2014, 7:46 AM

    I just love everything about Valentine’s Day. I’m so romantic. Love hearts, butterflys, roses, and puppies. Cute plush animals as presents from guys.

  • Rashika February 2, 2015, 8:04 PM

    Nice Post . Happy Valentines Day 2015. Thanks

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