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Online Dating Tips for Guys: Where NOT to Meet for a First Date

Online Dating Tips for Guys: Where NOT to Meet for a First Date

You’re doing great. You posted a great internet dating profile at one of the online singles websites. Good for you. You made sure to get some great dating profile photographs from a professional. You successfully navigated the email exchange and asked one of the cute girls out on a First Date. She said yes! Now where are the two of you going to meet for your First Date? You don’t want to blow all the time, energy, and effort you’ve already invested to connect with this girl by jeopardizing everything by meeting at dreadful First Date venue that turns her off. Be careful selecting where you will meet single women for First Dates. What do you need to avoid when selecting the First Date location to meet single women from internet dating sites? Read on to discover what NOT to do and where NOT to go for that all important First Date.

In the early cyber-dating days of computer dating in the 1990s, quite often couples were meeting for the first time on what really was a blind date. The internet matchmaking sites were fixings singles up. However, in the early days of online dating, the sites didn’t have the feature to upload, share, and display profile photos. So singles were taking a bit of a chance that there would be absolutely no attraction once the two of them met and saw each other.

When those first dates were blind dates, singles didn’t want to commit themselves to a date that was costly or formal. The habit that was formed from the early days of internet dating was for couples to meet “somewhere easy and comfortable.” By making the commitment to meet seem more low key, they were hoping to increase the likelihood of actually getting to meet each other.

But that was then and this is now.

Now singles using online dating sites are more sophisticated. Everyone is using smart phones and stylish technology. They want to meet at a venue that reflects their modern contemporary style, also.

If that is the case, where does that leave you? What characteristics and attributes must you avoid when meeting modern singles for the first date?

The restaurant should not have plastic boothes. Sitting in plastic boothes is fine for when you and your date are out with your friends getting a late night bite to eat after Prom Night. However, it sets a much too strongly casual a tone for a first date between sophisticated modern singles.

Of course, if you live a rural section of the country, and plastic boothes is the only option available to you for a first date, that is fine. You work with what you have.

You also want to avoid meeting at the local dive restaurant. These places can sometimes serve the best barbeque ribs in town. But that does not meet the sophisticated note you are trying to strike for your first date. Save the cool local dive restaurant for when the two of you are much better acquainted and have moved into the second phase of dating when you really getting to know each other.

By knowing to avoid restaurants with plastic boothes and to refrain from going to the local dive on a first date, you can now focus on the right places to go with your date to make it a great date. And when you make the first date a great date, you set yourself up for dating success leading to more second dates!


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  • G.E. Moon II August 2, 2012, 11:59 AM


    What are your thoughts on meeting at a local “farmers market”?

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  • Michael D Walker August 5, 2012, 5:19 PM

    Excellent advice on where not to meet for a first date.
    You know me, I’d opt for a movie theater that ran the great old movies made from Thorne Smith novels, like Topper 🙂

    Thorne Smith Movies

  • Kidde June 22, 2014, 3:42 AM

    I wouldn’t have thought of that about the booth. But you’re right. I would like it better when a guy takes me somewhere nice for a first date. thansk April

  • P A Brook August 18, 2017, 8:05 AM

    I think McDonald’s is an appropriate place to meet for a first date, but only on National French Fry Day. Of course, I’m kidding. Here’s a novel idea-ask her. She will appreciate that you have her best interests at heart. First meetings are stressful and allowing her to be in her comfort zone and environment can only serve to put her a little more at ease about the date-and you. If she asks you to pick, come up with choices and let her make the final decision. If she insists you pick, there is only one word that counts-classy. Or as classy as the area allows.

    And please get there early. Many women do not like to be in bars by themselves with the only partially-invisible “First Internet Date Here” hat on their head. I’ve had my own hat on more times than I can remember.

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