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Easy Dating Tips from your Romance Coach for GETTING MORE DATES – What’s Up for YOUR Weekend?

Easy Dating Tips from your Romance Coach for GETTING MORE DATES – What’s Up for YOUR Weekend?


The Stanley Cup is OVER!

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings who played a GREAT series.

It’s been TWO MONTHS of watching.

And now all the Hockey fans have all that time back in their lives… and perhaps you are …. still single….

And you are wondering, I’m single, I’m one of those singles …  what can I do this weekend to increase my chances to get dates?  Or to get MORE dates?

Are you in a fulfilling romantic relationship like the one that you want and deserve?

Are you going to be alone yet AGAIN this Friday and Saturday night?

Are you still looking for your Romantic Soul Mate?  That special person for you to give your heart to?

Well, you could stay home…   alone…   AGAIN…

You could GET OUT THERE and go PLACE yourself advantageously to meet other singles like yourself, or perhaps little more different than you so that you foster CHEMISTRY for a feeling of fabulous sexual tension.  Marvelous sensation, isn’t it?

OK.  So you’re asking, APRIL!  I KNOW you are a great Romance Coach and an expert Online Dating Coach, but what am I to DO?  What am I going to DO this weekend to up my chances of meeting other singles.


Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Street Fairs.  They are all over the place.  Different ethnic festivals.  Chinese.  Russian.  Italian.  Irish.  Indian.  Japanese.  Jewish Festivals.  Latino Carnival.  You try some different foods.  Learn about a culture which is perhaps a bit different than your own.  Or is your own and you are one of the ambassadors.  Cool, n’est pas?

Doing this will require that you be open to a MultiCultural Dating, Interracial Dating relationship.  Of course, where I live, this is like breathing.  It’s just such a GIVEN.

To find Street Fairs in your area, check out Google, naturally, as well as your local newspaper and alternative newspaper for their Events Calendar.

Part of the fun part of eating at one of these Street Fairs is the very eating of different food offers you a point over which to safely converse with OTHERS.  “Oh, wow,” sucking in breath, “I’ve never tasted food so HOT! WOW!  Would you please pass me the plain yogurt?”  and you have exchanged WORDS.  We call that, Starting a Conversation.  Now you’re rolling!

Happy Dating and Relationships!

April Braswell

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