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Easy Dating Tips for Getting More Dates! Go Take a HIKE!

Easy Dating Tips for Getting More Dates! Go Take a HIKE!

[This Dating Advice and Tips blog post originally appeared in (then based in San Francisco) Dating Coach for Women, April Braswell’s popular After 40 Dating Tips blog Easy Dating Tips at the now defunct blogging site VOX.com]

Well, it’s Monday morning.

Have you made your coffee yet?

Ok, so I DO believe in being frugal and not going OUT and buying a cup of coffee every day.  So normally I am making a pot of coffee at home.

HOWEVER!  If you are single and you haven’t been on a date this weekend….

Or you DID go on dates this weekend and there really aren’t going to be any date #2s of out these….
then you could go to a coffee joint and get some coffee in a public place.  Put this in your dating budget.  You have one, right?

So!  You’ve tried EVERYTHING!  You’ve EXHAUSTED all of your resources around you?  You’re friends – marrieds and singles have no more friends or acquaintances with which to fix you up.

And you’re still not engaged.

Now what?

Go hiking!

Look up for your metro area all the hiking clubs.

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Nature Girls Enjoy Getting Outdoors

What churches in your area meet for a monthly hike?  Get on their email list.  Better still, pick up the PHONE and talk to the leader.   Introduce yourself.  “I’m Bob, I’m 33 and quite fit.  Are there different fitness levels in the group?  That’s OK?  Good.”

  • Sierra Club
  • Absolute Adventures
  • Go Google athletic and adventure clubs in your metro area.

Place an ad in Craig’s List [More likely to use Meetup.com now.] looking to form a hiking group of singles.  Arrange to meet for breakfast at iHop or Denny’s first so you all gaggle, socialize and feel safe with each other, and then go for a hike.

Check out the training classes at REI, Northface or the local outdoors outfitter store near where YOU live.

Now shift 10 miles north.  Or 25 miles east.  Or 37 miles south.
Expand your radius just a little so you stretch yourself.

Feeling in a rut?

Plan a trip to get away and just GO SOMEWHERE different.  Check out Scott Bell, The Road Warrior’s website for some travel ideas.

MOVE/shift your body.

I’ll continue in the same direction tomorrow.

Trust me, you have NOT met everyone and you have NOT exhausted your metro area.  Expand your vision.

You’re going to have more fun AND meet new people!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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  • Dejar De Fumar con Hipnosis Barcelona November 11, 2011, 3:38 PM

    There is a great place to do all these that you are saying at my home town, the river! many years ago the river was converted into a park ( the water is not there anymore…don’t know how they did it) so there is litterally thousands of singles jogging and doing exercise there every single day!

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  • Sonya Lenzo December 23, 2011, 2:51 AM

    Such a good and healthy idea.Awhile back I would have said oh no not a hike, but now that I walk an hour a day and realize how good it is for me, I can see this would be a great way to meet someone.
    Sonya Lenzo

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