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Romance Coach advice Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES – Mouvez Vous!

Romance Coach advice Easy Dating Tips for GETTING MORE DATES – Mouvez Vous!


I’m at it again


Let’s contemplate your fitness routine.

What do you usually do?

Are you a gym rat?

Your soul mate is probably running out in nature.

Do you love to hike?  (ooo!  me too!)

Our soul mate may be at the Yoga class at the gym.

Interestingly enough it is often MEN who are encouraged to go to a Yoga class to meet more women.

I feel this is indeed EXCELLENT advise.

And frankly, with where I live I can find a yoga class at a NUMBER of different times of day.

So if your work schedule is unusual like some of my fans who email me, you can still find a yoga class to try out.

Now, one of the nice things for helping your dating class with taking a short class, I think you’re thinking, “Summer School AGAIN?!!”.  Well, sorta.  One of the helpful attributes of taking a class with sessions is BOTH you have the advantage of seeing each other over the course of usually about 4-6 weeks.  So, you feel a little familiar after 1 or 2 classes.  You could… venture…. 3 sentences to the other.

And yet….

You ONLY have 6 wks.  So you have URGENCY.  You have a DEADline for your action.

Well, you only have 6 weeks. So, you have to converse with her once or twice and then by week 4 or 5 say,  “We’re only having 1 or 2 more sessions.  Can I get your phone number?  I wanted to ask you out on a date.”

Yes, use those words.  You’ll live.

Now the additional beauty part is if she says NO, it is ONLY 1 or 2 more sessions after that. It’s not like high school with the WHOLE rest of the year looming ahead of you.


Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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