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Dating Expert’s Easy Dating Tips to get MORE Dates

Dating Expert’s Easy Dating Tips to get MORE Dates

Dating Coach for Women After Forty Empowers the single woman in her forties and fifties on how she can meet men over 40 and 50 to go on more midlife dates.

Dating Coach for Women Over 40, April Braswell

[This Dating Advice and Tips blog post originally appeared in Dating Coach for Women, April Braswell’s popular After 40 Dating Tips blog Easy Dating Tips at the now defunct blogging website VOX.com]


Ok, I am flying out to Philly in just a few days for a speaking conference.

And I have to PRACTICE for my presentation.

Of course, I can talk for HOURS about my topic of Internet Dating Success.

So, let’s stick with that idea of PRACTICE.
A number of my After 40 Dating Coaching women clients are in some kind of a rut.

Oh April, I’ve tried EVERYTHING already.

April, there is NO ONE near me.

I believe you.  That’s ok.

Does that belief help you get into the romantic relationship you want?

Does it help them?

No.  And they say that.  “No. It doesn’t.”

That’s right.   No it doesn’t.  And you CAN find and create a wonderful romantic relationship.

There’s hope for you.  Really it’s easy to do.  And yes, it will take some EFFORT, but you’ve already been making an effort.

I’m just here to help you actually FOCUS all of your efforts towards your goal of a wonderful long-term successfully fulfilling romantic relationship.

You will go on 10 dates in the next 2 weeks.  If it takes you 2.5 weeks, that’s OK.

OK, I think THAT number is easier for women than men, but AIM for that.  I’ll give you a B+ if you go on 7 dates.

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Couple Meets for a Coffee Date

1.  Ladies, post a personals ad at a free dating site.  No, you don’t have to post a photo [Dating Coach April notes, this post is from 2008.  Now I strongly urge and insist my coaching clients post pix. Things change regularly in the world of internet dating.].  You will get about 25 responses within 10 hours.  4 of them will give you inappropriate replies.  And that leaves you with 21.   MEET THEM.  Do NOT try to do a  TON of pre-qualifying here and QUALIFYING them before you meet, the GOAL here is to SHIFT your energy and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.
Coffee dates are acceptable here.  Normally I nix those.  This is an exercise.  Wine bars would be better.  S.N.O.B. is a fantastic choice if you live in the SF area.  Fab wine.  Sweet ambiance.  And it’s just a little unique!

Oh, btw, I have a BEAUTIFUL GF who did an ad online.  Met her fiance that way.  So, while this IS an exercise (I can see you are gritting your teeth!), it CAN bear direct fruit!  Have fun and KEEP AN OPEN MIND!
2. Men, if you have to, go to a different bar every night.  Ask girls for their cards. “I’d like to go out with you.  How is this Thursday? (Friday, Saturday, Sunday brunch, Sunday evening, Monday night)

At the end of your two weeks, you will find you have met people you had NOT met before.
Your perspective will have opened up and you will SEE and EXPERIENCE that there ARE more people out there who MIGHT be a good fit for you.

Perhaps you will have a new hiking buddy, a new Jazz Club afficionado. Know someone in the Mayor’s Office.  Dated a public figure.  Have tried 3 new lipstick colors.

Now leverage that momentum and go on some MORE dates!

Of the 10 you met, 2 or 3 will be contenders for a second date.

Have FUN!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

Date Coach to Women After 40, 50, 60

Note: My “Easy Dating Tips” blog existed from APR 2008-SEP 2010 on the now defunct blogging site, Vox.com.  I have moved quite a lot of those early dating tips blog posts here to my own WP blog at AB.com.  I hope you enjoy them and how easy they are to implement and weave into your busy professional lives as After 40 singles.  Dating Coach for Women After 40 (and some smart men!) since 2002 when they started asking me right after I was widowed so young in 2001, then living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dating Coach, April Braswell, is the Midlife Singles Relationship expert columnist at DatingAdvice.com, and coaches singles after 40 and 50 and the single baby boomers how to find love when you’re not in your 20s anymore. Because dating is entirely different after forty and fifty than it was in your early thirties.  Midlife singles desire a different relationship.

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  • Sonya Lenzo December 22, 2011, 3:41 AM

    April, I really like how you are all about taking action. And also how you stay constantly positive…2 traits necessary to attract people.
    Sonya Lenzo

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