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Dating Expert Daily Tip for Single Women Where to Meet More Men?

Single ladies, keep your eyes peeled. While, of course there are single men all around you and all about you, it is challenging in normal daily life always to know if they are single and also even to perceive the with people’s mental filters when we are involved in our busy lives. Many single woman can be missing the single men who are around them. One of my case studies demonstrates a now-married couple who lived within 4 blocks of each other, and even frequented the same coffee shops and stores at the same times, but they literally didn’t “see” each other until they met at an online dating site.

Dating Expert Best Practice Dating Tip to Meet More Men:  Get There Early

One great place to meet lots of men is the meat oriented fast food restaurants. However, to meet the most men and make this meat market a “Meet Market”, do get there early.

The early bird really does get the worm!

Many men involved in the trades such as construction, landscaping, and electricians start their work days quite early, as early as 5:30 and 6:00 am. So, they are hungry for lunch early in the day. Many of the fast food restaurants switch to their lunch menus as early as 10:30 and 11:00 am. Be there a few times when they make that switch. Even if you are only going to sip a cup of coffee, be there, looking YOUR BEST. When you look your best, indeed, you whole persona expresses your poise and self-confidence. Smile. Make eye-contact. Find little reasons to get up and mill about. Get a napkin. Wipe your table. Place your trash in the trash bin.

You might need to go several times, warmly and personably chat up the staff who is waiting on you.  Get it to where they know how you like your coffee.  Then when there are men there at the restaurant ordering their early lunches, you will just be naturally engaged in conversation with the staff and can practice little ways to turn and utter something to them to draw them into the brief conversation.  Smile.  Find some question you can ask them for helpful advice.  And then hand them your personal card.  When you do this with 5 men per day minimum, you will be asked out on more dates.  Each new date offers you opportunities to flirt and be feminine and practice your relationship communication skills which is one of the attributes of long-term successful marriage relationships.

Dating Expert Best Practice Dating Tip to Meet More Men:  Do Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Look for construction sites and areas in your metro region.  It is almost a running joke around Las Vegas that there is always construction going on.  That is one of the joke we can make as a Las Vegas Dating and Relationship Expert that all Las Vegans can relate to.  In fact the Garmins cannot keep up with all of the changes.  In which case, that means that there are plenty of construction workers engaged in labor all around Las Vegas.  With the construction around the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, the fast food court is an excellent place to encounter a lot of men.  Of course, not all of them will be single.  That’s ok, go position yourself and practice your flirtation skills expressing your confidence, poise, and comfortableness with your classy sensuality.  Keep going and interacting with the men there while looking and expressing your classy sexy best.

Of course, not all of my readers live in Las Vegas.  That was cited merely as an example for you to stimulate your own creativity to come up with places near you.  Once you have that example in your mind, you will find yourself in the natural course of your week now suddenly noticing construction sites near where you live and work.  Good!  Next you will start to look for the burger fast food joints near those construction sites.  Go there.  You can always drink a small coffee or enjoy one of their healthy salads if a cheeseburger and french fries is not part of your normal diet.

Ladies, whatever your singles status in your online dating profile is, Widowed, Single-Never-Married, or Divorced, you can do this, practice your flirting skills, and meet more men.  Who knows where it might lead?

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

Las Vegas Baby Boomer Dating Expert

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  • Anthony Lemme March 22, 2010, 8:09 PM

    I think that if we payed attention more often we’d find that life gives us what we need and puts it right in front of our eyes most of the time.


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