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Dating Expert Daily Tip for Single Men Where to Meet More Women?

For all my single men readers of Connecting with April Braswell, you’ve been asking for more expert dating tips for where to meet more women (aka “hot girls” for the younger single male crowd who listen when I’m the Dating Expert on Radio shows and phone in and email in their questions).  Now that I am back from Las Vegas, gentlemen, I have been listening and looking around me.

Dating Expert Best Practice Dating Tip to Meet More Women:  Get To The Gym and Take a Class

Now of course, you already know, or a lotta yah already know because I’ve recommended it for years now, all the exercise classes at the gym, women often love those.  Typically women are Socializers.  So when we work out, we often enjoy going with a girlfriend.  Yoga. Pilates. Spinning. Kickboxing. Kettlebells.  We love variety and are often at these classes.  You yourself might be a member of a gym that is part of large chain like 24 Hour Fitness.  It got a lot of recent exposure during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

However, don’t just limit your thinking to the gym.  Beautiful and fit women simply enjoy more attention and service.  So, when you go to a yoga or pilates class, look for ones which are offered at a boutique or specialty fitness club or studio.  You can easily find several by doing a simple google search.   Visit 3 different yoga studios in your metro area to meet more women.

Now, some experts say don’t hit on women at gyms.  We’re there to exercise.  Yeah. I agree don’t hit us at the gym, lol.  Now there is a difference between aggressively asking a woman out at the gym and starting to talk with her casually and warmly in conjunction with the activity you all are doing at the gym – working out.  Then at the end of the conversation, naturally, you two enjoyed talking and naturally you just ask her for her number and give her your card, “Hey, I really enjoyed talking with you.  Let’s continue the conversation some time.  Can I have your number?” you utter smoothly as you simultaneously hand her your card.  It’s as simple as that.

By handing her your card at the same time, you are both demonstrating gracious thoughtful protector behavior women often crave with reassuring her safety with your phone number first.  However, you are also lightly leveraging a super influence and persuasion tactic in dating – Distraction.  By handing her your card in the same moment, you create a slight distraction, which prompts her to be more likely to comply with your request for her phone number.

Will this get you a date with Paris Hilton?

Yah nevah know.  What it does do is give you an extra edge with women.  Part of the extra edge women have is we can wear make up.  So it’s all totally fair.

OK, that’s enough for today’s tip for where and how to meet more women.

I’ll continue this series of dating tips for both men and women.  So do check back daily for more expert dating tips.

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

Las Vegas Baby Boomer Dating Expert

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  • Hezron March 16, 2010, 8:31 PM

    At least at the gym where I work out, I don’t see many women wear make up. The gyms around here have “women only” section…part of this is due to the men constantly hitting on women. In my dating past, met two from the one I LOVE to go to. Unfortunately, one was a psychopath, the other was just wanting a man to pay for her meal and drinks….

  • Anthony Lemme March 22, 2010, 8:06 PM

    You are corrrect…I am now in South Florida and the gym I tried out last week had a ridiculous amount of friendly and attractive women. I am very much in love and am not looking but if I was it would not be hard to just smile, say hi and take it from there.


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