Dating Advice for Guys: A Valentine’s Day Ecard Will Get You in the Dog House

by April Braswell on February 1, 2011

Dating Advice for Guys:  A Valentine’s Day Ecard Will Get You in the Dog House

I know.  I hear yah.  You are a millenial guy who does everything internet.

But I am just aiming to help you out here and prevent long term bodily harm and injury for you with some expert dating advice for Valentine’s Day.  Guys, let me tell you, a Valentine’s Day Ecard will NOT be enough!

When it comes to romance and matters of the heart, we ladies want a physical tangible item.  Preferably signed by your hand.  Perhaps with a small note expressing a few items of tender feelings from your heart to us.

We crave a love which we can touch, one which is tangible.  The expressions of your heart need to us need to be as well.

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Well, certainly for now.  But also years from now, this is one item worthy of hoarding.  When we are old and white haired, and telling the grandchildren of the stories of our romance, these cards are a physical demonstration, an example for us to cherish and for us to show to them of your particular love for us.

Go ahead.  Wear your heart on your sleeve and put it in writing to the one you love.  Your doing so will mean so much to her now, touching her heart, for years to come.

Go Buy the Card Today

Gentleman, I’m aiming to help you out here again.  Back when I was a little girl, my father could readily pick up a card the day of Valentine’s Day or a few days before and have a number of romantic choices to choose from.  But those days are LONG GONE.  If you were to wait until the day of Valentine’s Day or even that weekend before, I cannot be held responsible for what will be left in the card racks.  They may be dreadful.  They may show a sense of humor which will offend her and get you in the Dog House.  Avoid this NOW.  Go tonight.  To a card store.  Papyrus.  Hallmark.  Or to the Grocery store or Drug store.  Or Wal*Mart or Target.  Do this today.  Go shop. Buy.  Have it ready days in advance.  You will thank me later.

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It's Easy to Buy Your Valentine's Day Flowers Online Now In Advance

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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