Boomer Dating Tip: Expand Your Social Circle While Traveling

by April Braswell on May 24, 2009

Single Boomer Dating Tip: Expand Your Social Circle While Traveling

Awhile back I blogged and suggested that single baby boomers in particular needed to make concerted efforts to expand their social circles.  Well, as we used to say when I was in Sales at Oracle, “I eat my own dog food.”  Namely I am walking the walk and actually DOing what I suggest.  Because as a baby boomer widow, I am right in there with you and your dating experience.

So, here I am in Southern California in The OC for the Memorial Day Weekend.  I am visiting with family, which getting the 5 of us together is rare, the 6 of together all at once takes an act of God (Wedding or a Funeral).  So, to me, our group altogether time is very precious and I guard it like some parents guard their time with their children (totally understandable).

However, while I travel, I do look to see if there are people with whom I can deepen the relationship with some face time (I feel so 80s when I say that, but it even more a relevant term in the 21st c with all the Social Media relationships we have.).  I have 2 women from college and a lady from an internet class I am taking.  The latter is the one I am most hoping and putting the steps in place that we will meet.

And you’re laughing wondering what that has to do with dating.

Well, two things.

It is the HABIT I form.  Make the effort all the time as my NORMAL mode of operandi.

And… women are more likely to fix singles up than men are.  Additionally, I am in the greater REGION of where I now live, more so than when I lived in Northern California.  So if I actually met someone around here and we clicked, well, then we could actually reasonably date and form a relationship.  NorCal to SoCal is a lot further than the OC is to Vegas.

Here is an area which I visit, mmm, like once a month or so on average.  So, it is worth my sowing seed here for expanding my social circle and dating sphere to here as well.

One couple, it was the man who came from Central CA to the SF Bay Area regularly.  He kept his eyes open when he traveled and pursued a lady in San Francisco.  They married 2 years ago and just had their first child together last Summer. … Just so you know this DOES work and produce the results which you want.

In the mean time…

Happy Dating and Relationships,


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