Boomer Dating Expert Asks, What Do You Want and What Are You Doing About It, Single Ladies?

by April Braswell on July 5, 2009

Boomer Dating Expert Asks, What Do You Want and What Are You Doing About It, Single Ladies?

A number of self-marketing tactics I recommend to single baby boomers, both single men and single women, are not just marketing strategies well-implemented but indeed they are top influence and persuasion experts scientifically studied materials brought into the context of romance and dating.  Yeah, because THAT’s the kind of dating expert I am.  I combine years of study, reading, field experimentation, and cutting edge scientific research.  Because we want to know and to keep our dating and relationship lives fresh.

Because while part of the Baby Boom generation grew up with Ozzy and Harriet (bless their hearts), Leave to Beaver, and My 3 Sons.  Our relationships NOW simply don’t resemble those.  We want something different.  Women have careers.  Men have careers.  And we want to meld our lives differently, and combine that with some fun travel sometimes.  Am I right?  Or am I right?

And even my single Millenial Dating folks, your dating game is a bit different than it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and certainly 30 years ago.

I’ve written some previous blog posts about first ascertaining as a single dater, What Do You Want?  This is very important to do.  Part of doing that actually activates your brain to help you to start THINKING of yourself into that scenario.  Because if your brain can’t picture it, you won’t experience it.  You’re activating your cerebral cortex.  Some have applied the label of “The Law of Attraction” to this.  Whatever you want to call it, fine with me.  Just also know the fun science of your brain behind it.

So, say you are single Baby Boomer man.  Perhaps… you are… divorced.  Maybe even twice divorced.  I mean, hey, you’re an attractive man.  Of course, you were able to marry two times already.  And you’re the marrying kind.  So, you want to marry again.
Well, bless your heart.  Simply the fact that you have already gone through 2 courtships which culminated in marriage means you are better off than the “Single, Never Married” folks at all the Online Dating Sites who simply don’t even know HOW.

But now… well, you’re a bit older.  You already have kids.  And don’t really want any more.  So, your PICTURE of marriage which you have in your head.  Well, it’s probably left over from at least the 1980s.  You’re sort of seeing “Risky Business” the Parents.  The House.  And then swoosh.  You’re thinking…. “ahhhh, I don’t want any more kids.  Mine are already graduated from college…. So, uh, I don’t actually WANT a big house anymore….”  Hmmm, how interesting.  Follow that idea.
What do you want now INSTEAD?  You don’t want a big house anymore.  Do you want a townhouse?  A Condo?  A small ranch house with 1 acre of land?  or 10 acres of land?  A bit more in the country than the suburbs now?  Start asking yourself those questions.  And start PICTURING it.  Start envisioning yourself.  What would daily life look like?  Feel like?  OK, so maybe 5 acres of land with a good road to the city so you can still get all the STUFF you want.  Start envisioning LIFE.  And then, turn your head,  WHO would fit well alongside you now?  Without trying too hard to see HER FACE, envision some of her characteristics and attributes that will compliment your NEW lifestyle vision.

Good.  That is a phenomenally good start.

Capture some of those thoughts and images on paper for what she is like.

What Are You Doing About I?

And then ask yourself, where would such a woman be NOW?  Where would she be hanging?  At a dancing class?  Lunch with her girlfriends?  Solitude at the library or Barnes and Noble?

Go where you think SHE would be.   And start interacting with the women in those places.

Mazel tov!

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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