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To Live The Best Year of Your Life Takes Seeing It, Wanting It, and Planning It

To Live The Best Year of Your Life Takes Seeing It, Wanting It, and Planning It

Plan Ahead to Live The Best Year of Your Life

A girlfriend gave me this book for a Christmas present, and it is wonderful! #1 New York Times bestselling selling author, Debbie Ford, tackles the issue of New Years Resolutions, Life, Life Vision, and Goals. She adroitly addresses it in twelve simple and profound chapters. I say simple and profound because so many people desire good things in their lives, and yet take a “if it was meant to be, it would HAPPEN” approach to their desires… and then find themselves 10, 20, 30, 40 years later in a career that wasn’t what they really wanted at a company they don’t jive with, single when they had always hoped to marry, married but depressively unhappy…. you get the picture. So many people do indeed live lives of quiet desperation, when to break out of those stultifying ruts takes to “dream it, plan it, live it.”

Debbie’s book equips people to do just that, at a manageable pace and with the clarity to do it and achieve it.

Debbie’s tone is one which is quietly kind and encouraging. As you read it, you know she’s in your corner and gets it what a daunting challenge it is to make these changes without clear guidance.  She provides that very guidance so greatly needed. She admonishes us not just to “One Day….” hope or to “Next year…” or even “When I have more….” to take the time to envision our desires and dreams and to aim our lives towards them. Indeed, to live life differently, need to see, picture, and imagine it in some manner, and then to plan it, and lastly to chart our course to move in another direction than that which we currently have set.

In her PLANNING YOUR YEAR section as well as throughout other parts of the book, she provided concrete exercises to enable us to do this ourselves.

She challenges us to turn away from the path of an average mediocre life and instead to find our best selves and to joyously express and live that instead. Thus becoming an inspirational example to others.

I highly recommend her book. While you might think this is only a December/January timeframe book, in actuality you can START Your Best Year of Your Life – the year – at any time of year. Why not now? How about today?

Happy Dating and Relationships,

April Braswell

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