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Ask April Just One Question Coaching

Ask April Just One Question


For Singles:

If you’re a single woman or man and feeling a little stuck at some point in your dating and social life, but you don’t feel it requires a full fledged Coaching Sessions Package, I mean, after all, it’s just one question, then this is the service for you!

Couples or a Single IN A Couple:

If you’re already paired off and hitting some bumpy territory, you don’t have to travel that uncharted road alone. I’m here to be your Mountaineering Guide. You’ll still have to traverse the path, but I’ll hold up a lantern and show you a map along the way.

I’m multi-Award Winning Dating and Relationship expert and coach, April Braswell. Having helped thousands of single men and women as well as married couples since 2002 as they started approaching me for my sage and sensible advice, I can help you, too. If you ask me something completely way outside of my purview of expertise, I’ll tell you and rapidly refund your purchase.

Purchasing this service from me, you’ll get a response typically within 48-72 hours (obviously longer when it’s a holiday time, of course) by email and 1 additional follow up email for points of clarification. Obviously this is not the time ask a college essay question about your dating life. But when you’re stuck at some surprising point of impasse and want a quick help to get things moving well again, asking Just One Question can be just the trick.

April, I’m ready. Help me!




Here’re some sample questions you might want to ask and get clarification around:

  • How should I respond to this text? (it’s different if you’re a man or woman, and it’s, also, different depending on your age and the texter’s age)
  • I’m a widow/wer. I want to date again! What are a few of the first things I should do to get back into the dating scene?
  • I’m divorcing, can I date before my divorce is final, and if so, how do I manage that online?
  • My divorce is final. Now what? How do I get back out there again now? Things are so different than the last time I dated! Help!
  • I’m afraid we’re headed towards a break up, or worse still, a divorce. Is there anything I can do to prevent that and save my relationship?
  • There’s this guy I’m really attracted to. I wish he’d ask me out. Is there anything I can do to captivate his attention and still be feminine? I want him to ask me out!
  • I’m wondering if my boyfriend is cheating on me, how can I tell and what can I do?
  • My boyfriend/husband is really into porn. What can I do about it?
  • Birthdays and Holidays are coming up. What should I get my girlfriend? What should I get my boyfriend? Help!
April, I’m ready! Help me!


How does the ASK APRIL ONE QUESTION package work?

  1. Click through on the button to make your purchase safely and securely through established and well-trusted PayPal.
  2. Then send me an email to April (AT) AprilBraswell.com, citing your transaction number in the header of the email so your email jumps to the front of the line. Give me some of the background picture and story about what’s going on and then Ask Your One Question about Dating and Relationships that you want. I may reply to clarify the situation a little bit, and then I’ll email you my Dating and Relationship Answer!
  3. Ask 1 clarifying question via email in response to my email within 48 hours and get my response quickly.
  4. Incorporate my advice and watch your dating and relationship life bloom! Enjoy!

Your question and email exchange is completely confidential. My certifications keep our correspondence private. Your emails will be read and responded to only by me, so you can feel safe and assured to relax and just tell me what’s going on and what your question is.

Just a Note about the follow-up question

If you have one, your follow-up question should be a question relating just to my response. It should not introduce a new topic. It’s your chance to access me quickly and easily to clarify my answer for you, making sure you’ve understood what I wrote.

How many questions can I ask? You may purchase unlimited Ask April One Question packages, just each purchase entitles you to ask one question with one associated clarification follow up. OK? I’m here to help, equip, and empower you for love for lifetime, like I have now been twice blessed to experience. I pray for that for you, too.

I am delighted to help as many of my readers as possible, just I get so many questions, I still need to manage my work and my special time with Jordan and Bella, our rescued cat.