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Alaskan Women Looking for Love Land in Miami

Alaskan Women Looking for Love Land in Miami

In the second episode of TLC‘s “Alaskan Women Looking for Love,” the girls are ready to leave Alaska for a month and seek sun, adventure, and, hopefully, love in sun-drenched, body revealing Miami.  They board a small aircraft all clad in their multi-winter layers of clothes to keep warm, from parkas to ugly ski caps, sweaters, scarves and gloves, complete with foot protection gear, fishing boots.

Henry is hot n hunky and approaches their group literally as they are in full Alaskan parkas wrangling their luggage as they attempt to hail a mini-van sized yellow taxicab car.  His proposal is to get them to instead use Captain Joe’s Water Taxi (Rentals, Tours & Charters).  His guarantee is 100%.  “Any of you doesn’t like it, you don’t have to pay a penny.” They start to peel off their layers of winter wear clothes to get ready to ride on the water and sip champagne.


beach woman, woman soaking up the sun

Soaking Up the Sun

“The air is completely different here.  You don’t smell flowers in Kodiak.  You smell fish.”


Once they get to their resort rental house, Henry apologizes for the rough delivery of them because their house has no dock.  “Ladies, I apologize.  But there is no dock.” They will need to really lift themselves UP to get through the back gate unto the water sans boat dock.

The girls are beyond delighted to discover the massive backyard outdoor seating area full a huge pool and tiki hut. “A pool and a tiki hut, it’s like a dream.”

As Sabrina gets off of the water taxi, the last to disembark, and Henry stops here to ask her out on a date to show her the town.  Before she even sets foot on the backyard, she’s giving out her phone number to go on dates.


The house: “Inside our house is completely different than the houses in Alaska.  I was extremely happy to see no animal heads bolted to the wall.”

Jenny, 34 years old, and the oldest of the group with a former new evangelical conservative Christian marriage behind her, is ready to make the shift to beach style living.  “The house we’re staying in is like amazing. It’s totally Miami. And we’ve got to get our Miami style going on so we can fit in a little bit.”

The girls are used to fishing and hunting activities, and their casual wear reflects that.  With bulky fishing boots to protect their feet in olive drab and over sized Henley shirts for warmth over their jeans, their clothes do not reflect the body hugging fashion style of Miami, not even the Senior Citizen style of the Golden Girls.  They are going to both to go shopping and get some hair and makeup makeover help before they will shine Miami style.

They realize this and start shopping to get something to wear at the beach.  They start at Alvin’s Island.  “That’s a lot of Neon.”  “It’s like a highlighter exploded in the store.”  “There’s no color in Alaska.  It’s all black.  It’s supposed to be slimming.”

The clothes: “It’s a lot less fabric than we’re used to.” The bathing suits and shorts are super short. They buy big t-shirst that have bodies in bikinis on them to wear with their jeans to do some beach recon.  They want to see what the others are wearing at the beach and are agog even at the bodies of the guys being revealed.  The mean have low hung bathing shorts on massively revealing their pecs and toned and cut abs.

It’s the middle of the afternoon and they’re ready to go have a few drinks.  But the dance club bar is closed.  “In Alaska, if you have money, the bars will always be there and the bartenders will always take your money,” informs Heather. “I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Miami scene, but you probably won’t get in wearing what you’re wearing. ”

They finally stand in line outside of a hot club in their rolled up jeans and sneakers, and after letting in all the well clad and fashionably shod girls, they do get inside.  They get a table with a fun party reception and have to purchase a bottle of alcohol.  They have fun.  At the end of the evening, their wake up call is when they get the bill:  $500.  At least they got some numbers.

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