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Alaskan Women Looking for Love Get a Miami Makeover

Alaskan Women Looking for Love Get a Miami Makeover

Once our fun Alaskan girls have landed in Miami and just started to get adjusted to the young hip lifestyle of the Miamians’ single scene of expensive bottles of drinks at the trendiest dance clubs and young women getting dolled up in body hugging and revealing clothes every night, they have a kibbitz around on the couches lounging.

“They are some gorgeous girls here, and we’ve got some crazy competition,” reflects Tina, the Lady Welder. The Alaskan women are starting to realize they need to ramp up their images to ramp up their dating game to get the guys.

Miami Challenge #1: It’s more humid here. How do the women combat sweating and looking oily faced all night?

“I don’t understand how the girls do it here, like, you go out. It’s super humid out. They’re walking around like they’re still perfect. Do they have a secret crew?” ponders Haley.

While I’m not targeting the makeup trends of Miami, the resident women there have likely found the make up like minerals based make up which retains a matte finish for longer. And yes, they likely do either reapply lipstick or use the longer lasting lipsticks of recent years to maintain their fabulous appearance for longer during the night.  This is why there are purse-sized compacts for retouching foreheads, chins, and noses during an evening out on the town.


“Did you notice how shiny and smooth they all were? There’s like no body hair on them,” quips Sabina.

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“I don’t think the long hair on my legs is very attractive,” chimes in Jen petting her leg hair that shows above her fishing boots, that, yes, she is wearing with a beach dress while lounging in their living room. When you live in deep winter terrain, shaving your legs like you’ll be wearing mini-skirts all the time is just not part of the daily self-care regime for girls up North.

“You’ve got to wax,” advises Tina. To which all the Alaskan women look at her eyes wide open and mouths agape.  If you don’t live in a major metro area with high caliber beauty salons, the personal hygiene method of dilapatory waxing might not even be on your radar screen.

“I want to try to fit into here.  We’re here to find love and we’re not going to do it looking weird.” Words of wisdom and pragmatism from Tina.

The girls start to realize it’s time for waxing, and not just their lower legs in order to be bikini ready in Miami.



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