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Triple Dating Duggar Couples in Cuffs

Triple Dating Duggar Couples in Cuffs

To celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar go on a triple date with Jill and Derick as well as Jessa and Ben Seewald.

In a fun opening to their date, as they are driving along with Jim Bob at the helm, when the party spotted a Police SUV. Normally, Daddy Duggar would have tapped on the vehicle’s brakes when seeing a police officer, but instead, he floored it and started weaving around the road’s curves. His daughters were saying, “Dad, slow down,” but to no avail. The bubbling police lights start going and so do the sirens. They’ve been caught! The officer pulls them over, and directs all the passengers to step out of the vehicle. Naturally, they all comply, and whips out the police cuffs. The officer proceeded to handcuff each of the couples together. The youths are all a bit surprised.

“Here’s the deal. Since you all are going to be married, you’re going to have to learn to work together. Jim Bob, here’s the key.” They were all smiling by now, knowing that Daddy Duggar was in on and wondering just what that was all going to mean.

The triple date is a bit like an exercise you’d see typically at a couple’s retreat. The non-engaged couple, Jessa and Ben, in keeping with their courtship agreements about physical contact, they had 2 sets of manacles on so their hands would be too close together for their agreed upon guidelines.

Perfect Pairing, PB&J, couples

Perfect Pairing

Their first exercise together was to make lunch, including making Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, pouring beverages and eating their meals together. Part of what Jim Bob and Michelle wanted to point out to the young couples as well is the need to care for each other and do thoughtful tasks for each other to show their love of each other to each other. Jim Bob fed Michelle some bites of food from across the table. It reminded me of the Sufi Tale about Heaven and Hell. In Heaven, we feed each with demonstrations of love and trust. Jordan and I feed each other bites of our food, always giving tastes of what we ordered to the other as well as feed each other fruit. To show our love and its overflowing nature, we also volunteer in the catering kitchen to prepare food for Mitzvah Meals in Orange County, a community service ministry aka Community Social Action of TBS – Temple Beth Shalom. Mitzvah Meals was profiled in the November issue of JLife.

The second exercise the handcuffed couples had to do together was navigate an obstacle course around a children’s playground against the clock. It was reminiscent of those ropes courses on teambuilding retreats work teams do together. Jim Bob added the pressure of timing them and making it a minor competition, because in life, there are always added unexpected stresses. Lastly, Momma and Daddy Duggar gave them once last challenge doing together as a team: Shooting a Bow and Arrow.

Jill and Derick completely missed the mark the first arrow they shot together. Upon second attempt, their arrow hit the mark. Ben and Jessa didn’t even release their first arrow, but on their second attempt, they hit the mark well. That exercise really was one where you have to move in the flow of the movement together.

Lessons were good and the bonding memories for the whole extended family all contribute to the foundation for lasting love marriages for both the young couples.

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