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19 Kids Lessons: Learning to Cook and Not Just Rely on Take Out

19Kids Lessons: Learning to Cook and Not Just Rely on Take Out

Fresh Produce BruchettaWatching the 2 Duggar girls, Jill and Jessa, and their courtships this past on tv has been fun for all of us fans to watch. And while they are sisters, you can see a number of ways they each differ from the other. Jill is more skill in some of the areas where new couples need right away, while Jessa is more skilled in the large scale organization areas which a large family or business enterprise need. Jill is a better cook. Jessa, bless her heart, is minimally skilled around the stove, mixing bowls and measuring cups, and oven. She makes a point in a later episode to learn how to make Ben’s favorite meal. However in the Duggars and Mothers episode, she accidentally significantly over bakes the meal’s dinner rolls.


For the current generation where many of America’s kids have grown up in a 2 income home with both mom and dad working, more families eat basic meals out at restaurants. Secondarily, even when there are family meals eaten at home, larger percentages of the total meal are comprised of pre-made and store bought foods. They aren’t growing up learning how to cook and bake 100% from scratch. OK, you can make your meatloaf from meat already ground. I’ll cut you some slack. You don’t have to learn how to grind your own meat. But is what the meat grinder that used to be clamped to a kitchen counter in your great great grandmother’s kitchen was for.


I wouldn’t have thought that 1 of the Duggar girls wouldn’t be pretty well-skilled in the kitchen by the time she’s 14 years old, but I was wrong. Jill knows a few things, but just isn’t really at it yet.


The lesson here for all young moderns, including some of you guys, is to learn to cook. This entails being able to make full meals, breakfast, lunch, and most important, dinner for at least 2 weeks of meals where the main course isn’t repeated during that fortnight.

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