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General Introduction: Our Body Language, Ourselves

Man signaling his attraction interest via Body Language Gesture of Men

It used to be that knowing about body language, both managing and reading, was a closely guarded and concealed secret mystery.  But by now, with some of the world’s Top Body Language Reading Experts have both written about the importance of nonverbal communication and demonstrated its impact on ourselves and others on Television, many Americans know at least something about reading and managing body language and their nonverbal signals to others and themselves.


Nonverbal cues have been purported by at least one UCLA study to comprise 93% of communication.  Other experts relegate nonverbal signals mean only 55-75%.  Whatever the precise percentage, you can rest assured that learning to manage and read Body Language code is well worth your while to pursue to becoming skilled and adept in.


Total communication is a symphony of Body Language Signals, Vocal Signals and Intonations, lastly our words.  All too often people misconstrue that our word choice matters most in communication skills.  If we want to be a Master Communicator, then we want to be a student of all three Communicating components.

Where to Start in Your Studying Body Language Signals

To grow in your facility with signaling and decoding nonverbals, you’ll want first want to ponder your own body language code.  Indeed, as Socrates has told his students, “To know thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  Start with yourself before you aim to know others.  Whatever your profession or relationship status, becoming more knowledgeable about the hidden unconscious meaning of nonverbal communication can benefit you significantly.  Becoming a student of body language reading and aiming for the status of Master Communicator can benefit you in just about every area of your life.


Professionally:  If you’re a SBO or Sales person, therapist or Nurse practitioner, you need to sell your services and skills simply to earn your living let alone fulfilling your life mission of sharing your work with the people who would benefit from working with you.


Single? Married?:  Knowing what your body communicates to your dates helps you to do better in dating and get the relationship results you desire.

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Midlife Dating Coaching for Women: How to Flirt with Guys After 40

Managing your nonverbal signals better can signify the different between getting her to say YES to your invitation to a Second Date or Not.

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Midlife Dating Tips: How to Use Body Language Flirting for men and women over 40+

Your knowledge of what your body language communicates to your date’s unconscious mind can make all the difference in his feeling sufficiently confident with you to ask for a second date, or fear he’ll strike out with you because of your nonverbal cues, so why even bother?

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Midlife Dating Coach: How to Flirt Body Language Flirting Tips for Men

Today we’re just starting out on our journey to exploring The Anatomy of Body Language.  It’s time to learn The Body Language Code.  Get out some sheets of paper and start brainstorming and writing.  Just start listing what are the personal and professional scenarios you’re in regularly.  Think about what you’re in daily and weekly.  How about the scenarios you’re in only infrequently but which have massive impact on your long term career success:

  • Presenting at your international employer’s annual conference.
  • Speaking before a mixed gender audience as a fully veiled Muslim woman before your industry’s influential convention.


You’ll want to start strategizing about where you already feel like the subject matter expert you are and where managing your body language more skillfully would better convey your expertise with all of your communication languages.  Contemplate now, how might more intentionally transmitting your body language signals, gestures, and postures might illicit more of the result you seek.


As you study the lessons here and complete your assignments, please do reply email me your scenarios where you want more help and where your challenges are.  I’ll be sure to answer them with bonus lessons and videos to benefit you and others.


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Midlife Dating Coach Tips:
How to Craft Your Best After-50
Online Dating Profile


singles texting, text first date,

Mature Singles Seeking Love Online

When it comes time to dating after 40, 50, and 60+, it’s likely that by now you are divorced or widowed. However, there is still a good percentage of midlifer single men and women over 50 who are in the single-never-married category. You want to write an internet dating profile which attracts the mature singles you would desire to meet and possibly date. You don’t want them just swiping by your photo on their digital device and passing you by, right?

How many of you have already ventured out online and gotten to any first dates only to be surprised to discover that the mature single who shows up doesn’t even resemble the profile photos? It can be both surprising and daunting. You mustered up the courage to get back out there into the mature over 50 singles dating pool, tentatively dipped your big toe into the water, only to be scorched by misleading profile photos and feeling duped.

The premise of a good mature singles dating profile is to captivate the other after 50 single’s attention sufficiently to message with you and desire to meet you. The goal of a great After 50 Dating profile is to get to the first date! A problem more often among the younger daters, like the Millennial singles, is that they invest too much of their time in app messaging each other in place of actually meeting live.

But singles over 50+ have to concern themselves less with that than their younger single counterparts. For the most part, singles in their 50s and 60s+ are looking to date and not mistake apps messaging for a real in-person first date. There’s a silver lining to being a silver single, after all!

Now the question you’re likely asking yourself and me, is, “How can I make my dating profile stick out among the sea of other singles online at the Over 50 internet dating sites?”

Like a good college application or resume, you are selling yourself and distinguishing yourself among the sea of sameness online in all those mature personals dating profiles. How are you unique and different? Express it, albeit, briefly, in your silver singles online profile. Aim for about 300 words for your dating profile. Don’t just have your opposite sex friends read it and criticize your profile before you publish it at your selected over 50 dating sites. Your buds are not your romantic target audience. They are romantically attracted to different mature singles than you, or you two would already be dating, right? So be cautious not to target them while want you seek is to attract your best mature single mate, the best for you!

Here are 3 of my top Midlife Dating Coach tips for After 50 Dating profiles which will help you to stand out, be noticed, and get you to your great first dates!

Do Post Great Photos

Now, this might sound quite obvious in this day and age of smart phones being so ubiquitous. Naturally, everyone now has loads of photos to choose from. However, just because you have a lot of photos of yourself saved in albums on your smart phone or tablet doesn’t mean these are your most flattering pix. Do you have the habit of catching yourself when your smile has been held so long it looks close to a grimace? Does it always seen that your friends catch you with your eyes squinting or closed? When what you’re seeking is an intimate mature love relationship online, invest a little money in your results and hire a professional photographer.

Don’t Post Too Many Photos

This is not your Facebook or Instagram family album. Be careful you don’t inundate the poor mature single who clicks through on your internet dating profile avatar to read your profile only to be flooded with family photos and your most recent travelogue. Instead, in the Online Dating Workshops I lead in Orange County and Las Vegas, I recommend to singles to include about 3-5, maybe 7 photos of themselves. You want to communicate that you are in interesting and fun potential life companion. But you do want to leave a little mystery. You want your prospective date to have some material to inquire about when you two meet for your first date. “I saw you wearing a traditional Korean dress. Are you part of a club? Tell me about that. How interesting.”

Post Only Solo Photos of You

I know you will hear on some of the TV dating advice shows that you should include lots of photos of you with others to illustrate that you are a social being. But do you really want the mature man over 50 thinking it’s you sister who looks cute and not you? What about that fun photo of you with your girlfriend enjoying your bi-monthly “Girls Night Out” festivities? Do you want him guessing which one of the sea of brunettes or blondes is actually you? Better to keep it to just you.

By following these helpful dating tips for mature singles over 50 and 60+, you’re well on your way to starting the message exchange and getting to that great first date!


19Kids and Counting Jill Duggar Wedding Count Down

19Kids and Counting Jill Duggar Wedding Count Down

If you’ve ever gotten married or helped plan a daughter’s or friend’s wedding, then you know there are a ton of details to be wrangled and handled when it comes to wedding planning.

Then just #DuggarSize it, and you’ve got what Jill Duggar, and then shortly thereafter, Jessa Duggar have to contend with as well as the families of their grooms.

A week before the Wedding and the family confesses, “There’s still a lot to do.”

Jana has been sewing to alter some off-the-sales-rack bridesmaids dresses to make them more modest.  They purchased a few extra dresses to have the additional fabric needed, and Jana added sleeves and bit of length as well as adding material to raise the neckline. All the dresses and 11 dress belt ties.  And 1 coordinated tie for Derick as the groom.  The price of each of the dresses is under $50, as I recall, even under $20, but my memory might be fuzzy on that detail.  So not every bridesmaids dress needs to cost $500.

With just 9 days prior to the wedding, Derick and Jill continue to meet once a week for pre-marital counseling.  They’re covering how to handle stress, finances, and even introduce the intimate size of marriage which the engaged couple is waiting on until marriage to enjoy.

Jim Bob and Michelle present the keys to a palatial property they have for sale on the market.  This will be the couple’s temporary first home, theirs while the house remains on the market. This means the house, also, needs to be furnished.  The Duggar gaggle heads over to an auction house to furnish the house to have enough furniture to accommodate the couple as well as a be able to seat some guests should they have extended family over for a visit.

Their auction purchases included:

Recliner $40.00

Refrigerator $180.00

1 Mattress/Boxspring set $330.00

Sofa/Loveseat Set $404.00

Leather Sofa $445.00

Washer/Dryer Set $500.00

Decorative Accents $516.50

Additional Furniture $545.00

Stuffed Animal Monkey $5.00

Their total spent was just $3,006.50

They consider that they saved $6K+.

Before the wedding, the family moves all the furniture into their temporary new home, the Stony Brook house. “Welcome to your new temporary home!”

Michelle and Jim Bob’s first home was a 1900 square foot fixer upper.  “I’m a little jealous.”

Even with all the auction bought furniture, not everything fits or is quite perfect.  Jim Bob and Michelle relate that their first furniture, a lot of it was acquired at garage sales.  “First year you’re just living on love.”  So, while they are helping to put the couple on their feet well to start them out, they’re not just handing them everything.  They inculcate the young couple to be prepared for living and learning together, not having perfection right out of the gate.  If only more couples learned that about the first few years of marriage together.

Meanwhile, Josh and Anna Duggar are en route into Arkansas for the family wedding.  Once they are landed, Josh works with John David to come up with a wedding exit getaway vehicle.  They head on over to the car lot dealership which Josh used to own and run.  They lean towards a glossy black truck, and the new owner gives it to Josh as a loaner for the wedding.

The older girls head on over to the Stony Brook house to help decorate, prepare family photos into picture frames as wall decorations.  It’s both to decorate and fill out the empty walls of the house.  Decorating and getting their nails done together are some of the final female bonding activities to share together last time tout ensemble before the first Duggar girl gets married.  They do nail “wraps” at a friends house. They’re quite correct in that while Jill will be living just nearby, once she’s married, life will never be the same. Once married, they will certainly have opportunities to enjoy together, but it will require much more organization and synching of schedules to enjoy future nail parties all the Girls together.


“I mean we’re really happy for her, but it’s a big change,” shares Jessa.

Friends from all over the country are coming in for the wedding.  While the wedding is a massive #DuggarSize shindig, they naturally also kept the costs down by using more home spun details rather than the most expensive options which you’d encounter at the weddings of aristocracy.

The Duggars have become America’s Family, but they always keep it real and down-to-earth, placing more emphasis on the love relationship of the marriage than the cost of the wedding.  If only more couples would do likewise.